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Evidence mounting as IDF exposes more Hamas tunnels under Shifa Hospital in new videos

Israel releases new website documenting proof of Hamas' misuse of Gaza hospitals for terror activity, in violation of international laws of war

The IDF released new video evidence of the terror tunnels under the Shifa Hospital complex on Wednesday, including dozens of meters of a tunnel system that passes under the Qatari Building in the hospital complex. 

Behind the breached blast door, soldiers discovered an air-conditioned hideout room and a bathroom. The soldiers also located two additional tunnel shafts near the hospital: one on a nearby street and the other in a nearby house. 

One of the tunnel exits had been recently blocked, according to IDF spokesman Brig.-Gen. Daniel Hagari.

“I guess it [the room] was evacuated when they understood we are going to enter Shifa Hospital,” Hagari said.

The rooms in the tunnel system had also recently been evacuated.

The IDF spokesman said the water and electricity in the tunnel system was coming from the hospital. One room had an air conditioning unit with an exhaust vent located within the hospital complex. 

“This means they’re using the hospital infrastructure in order to provide the terror mechanism to stay alive and survive,” Hagari stated, providing additional proof of Hamas' war crimes according to international law.

IDF engineers removed large quantities of sand that Hamas had recently placed there to block IDF troops from accessing the rest of the tunnel system. 

One of the entrances to the tunnel was located inside a home on the street next to Shifa Hospital, hidden under the floor. 

Another entrance, which was also recently blocked by Hamas, was accessible from the street. Both tunnels led to the rooms under the hospital. 

The IDF also showed the collection of weapons captured in the hospital compound, demonstrating its use as a military facility, as well as a hospital facility.

While searching the complex and nearby buildings, the IDF discovered items belonging to a kidnapped person, as well as weapons, apparently from an alert squad member. 

“The findings prove unequivocally the modus operandi of the Hamas terrorist organization, which systematically operates from within the hospitals," Hagari said.

"The Hamas terrorist organization builds underground compounds under the hospitals while exploiting the hospital's infrastructure, and conducts fighting from them. It stores large quantities of weapons at various locations in the hospital buildings and uses the hospital area and its surroundings as a terrorist headquarters," he added. 

On Tuesday, the IDF released a website where it has been collecting information about Hamas’ use of hospitals in Gaza for terror or combat purposes.

The information on the website is proof of Hamas committing war crimes and removes the hospital’s protections under international laws of war. 

The website can be accessed here

The All Israel News Staff is a team of journalists in Israel.

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