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IDF eliminates 2nd Hamas terrorist involved in abduction of IDF soldier Noa Marciano

Noa Marciano's mother holds a sign with her picture in a media interview (Photo: Screenshot)

The Israeli government announced on Sunday that one of the terrorists involved in the kidnapping of Noa Marciano on Oct. 7, was eliminated by IDF Forces.

Hamas terrorist Naeem Ghoul was responsible for the abduction of the 19-year-old IDF soldier, who was serving at the Nahal Oz military base near the Gaza border on the day of the Hamas-perpetrated massacre. Her death was confirmed by the IDF in November.

Ghoul was killed in an operation carried out by the IDF in cooperation with Israel's Shin Bet, internal intelligence agency.

Another of Marciano’s captors was killed in February, according to the IDF.

Marciano's parents announced last week that their daughter was murdered by a physician at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, after having been injured by an IDF military operation.

“They chose to murder her instead of taking care of her,” Marciano’s parents said. “It was a doctor who did it, in a hospital. She was injured by air force bombings and was taken to Shifa.”

In November, the IDF said that “during IDF attacks on the area…Noa was injured, but not a life-threatening injury.” These comments were made in response to claims by Hamas that Marciano was killed in an Israeli airstrike.

The IDF contested Hamas’ explanation for her death, saying, “Experts suggest that her injuries do not align with those typically sustained in airstrikes. The observed wounds appear more consistent with bullet injuries, and there is also an indication that she may have suffered from injuries related to a fall from a height.”

According to the IDF, Marciano was killed by Hamas in the Shifa hospital.

"The hospital, a place that is supposed to sanctify the value of life, was used by Hamas for murder,” an IDF spokesman said. “Our hearts are with Noa's family, we send our condolences, we did not reach Noa in time. This only makes the IDF more determined to do our best in order to return the hostages home."

In an official statement concerning the recent killing of Marciano’s captor Ghoul, the IDF and Shin Bet showed support for Marciano’s family, as well as a continued commitment to defeat Hamas.

“The IDF expresses its deepest condolences to CPL Marciano's family and will continue to accompany them,” read the statement. “The IDF and ISA [Israel Security Agency] will continue to operate against all terrorists responsible for the attacks of October 7th, and all terror attacks against Israel."

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