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ICJ dismisses South Africa's request for urgent measures against Israel's expected operation in Rafah

Israeli soldiers fighting Hamas terrorists in Gaza (Photo: IDF)

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has rejected the South African government's request for urgent measures to stop Israel’s scheduled military operation in Rafah, the last major Hamas terrorist hub in the southern Gaza Strip.

The top court in the Hague stressed that Israel was “bound to comply with existing measures.”

In its public statement on Friday, the ICJ mentioned the “perilous situation” in the Rafah district in southern Gaza. However, the World Court stressed that it “demands immediate and effective implementation of the provisional measures indicated by the Court in its Order of 26 January 2024, which are applicable throughout the Gaza Strip, including in Rafah, and does not demand the indication of additional provisional measures.”

According to the ICJ, Israel “remains bound to fully comply with its obligations under the Genocide Convention and with the said Order, including by ensuring the safety and security of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.”

In January, the pro-Hamas South African government accused Israel of committing “genocide” in Gaza in a formal case brought before the court. Israel has rejected the South African “genocide” charge as a modern blood libel.

“The State of Israel has signed the convention against genocide for decades, and we certainly do not boycott the discussion. We will stand by it and repel the absurd lawsuit that is a blood libel,” Israeli National Security Advisor Tzachi Hanegbi responded.

Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz also responded, saying: "We will continue to fight the blood libel that South Africa is promoting and to uphold our right to defend ourselves against the Nazi Hamas murderers."

While the ICJ did not entirely embrace South Africa's position, it nevertheless ordered Israel to do everything in its power to protect the civilian population in Gaza following the hearing on Jan. 26.

Israel insists that the South African “genocide” charge against Jerusalem is politically motivated and that it ignores the fact that Israel Defense Forces has consistently been taking measures to minimize civilian casualties.

Some pundits argue that the South African government, which has close ties with Iran, acts as a political proxy against Israel on behalf of the Islamic regime of Iran.

Germany, one of Israel’s closest European allies, announced in January that it would defend Israel against the genocide charges. The German government emphasized that the Jewish state was exercising the legitimate right of self-defense against the unprecedented Hamas Oct. 7 invasion and brutal attack.

"On October 7, 2023, Hamas terrorists brutally attacked, tortured, killed and kidnapped innocent people in Israel,” the German government stated.

“Hamas' goal is to wipe out Israel. Since then, Israel has been defending itself against the inhumane attack by Hamas," the statement added.

Berlin concluded by firmly rejecting the false South African “genocide” charges against Israel, stating: "The Federal Government firmly and expressly rejects the accusation of genocide that has now been made against Israel at the International Court of Justice. This accusation has no basis whatsoever.”

The United States, France and other Western governments have also rejected the “genocide” charges against Israel as false.

While Israel has noted significant military achievements against Hamas in Gaza, Jerusalem is facing considerable challenges from various international organizations, especially the United Nations.

UN Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator Martin Griffiths recently denied that Hamas is a terror organization despite its massacre of more than 1,200 men, women and children on Oct. 7.

"Hamas is not a terrorist group for us, as you know, it is a political movement,” Griffiths claimed in an interview with Sky News.

The senior UN official also claimed that it was necessary to realize the aspirations of terror groups like Hamas.

“It is very difficult to dislodge these groups without a negotiated solution which includes their aspiration,” Griffiths said, ignoring that Hamas openly calls for the destruction of Israel and the elimination of all Jews worldwide.

The All Israel News Staff is a team of journalists in Israel.

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