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Hezbollah picks up pace of attacks, shoots over 30 rockets at northern Israel on Sunday

Defense Minister Gallant to Air Force: ‘Point the planes to the north’

Illustrative - Smoke rises during an exchange of fire between the IDF and Hezbollah terrorists on the border between Israel and Lebanon, Nov. 18, 2023. (Photo: Ayal Margolin/Flash90)

After several days of less intensive attacks by Hezbollah, the Lebanese terror organization again increased the pace of its daily attacks against northern Israel, initiating more than 30 attacks since Sunday.

According to Lobby 1701, Hezbollah launched 34 rockets and four anti-tank missiles against Israeli targets, more than the combined number of attacks during the past two days.

The launches targeted Israeli communities along Israel’s entire northern border but did not result in any fatalities or serious damage.

In response to these attacks, Israel Defense Forces carried out two large waves of retaliatory attacks against Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon, destroying operational headquarters, observation posts and launch sites, as well as eliminating a terror squad.

As of Sunday, Hezbollah announced the deaths of five more of its terrorists as a result of Israeli strikes, bringing its official tally to 182 killed since the daily skirmishes began on October 8, the day after the murderous Hamas invasion of Israel.

Meanwhile, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant toured the Tel Nof Air Base in central Israel on Sunday, and warned that Israel’s Air Force (IAF) had not yet activated all of its capabilities to face Hezbollah.

“I ordered the Air Force unequivocally to point the planes to the north, and to be prepared for any evil that may come,” Gallant said.

“The pressure on Hamas is working… and in the north, the situation is similar. The more we deepen the operational achievement, the more the chance of reaching a situation where we won’t have to go to war will increase,” he added.

“’There is no place that is too far’ – that is a very correct slogan for the Air Force and for the State of Israel. We will act in every way and we will deal with everyone who attacked us to ensure our safety and existence,” Gallant concluded.

Also on Sunday, IDF Spokesman Brig.-Gen. Daniel Hagari announced that since October, the IDF has struck “over 150 terrorist cells, eliminating more than 200 terrorists and commanders. We’ve targeted over 3,400 Hezbollah sites across southern Lebanon.”

“No press conference or presentation by the IDF spokesperson, no matter how impressive it may be, will be able to hide the naked truth,” Lobby 1701 wrote in response to the increased rocket launches and Hagari’s statements.

Lobby 1701 is an organization representing about 80,000 residents of northern Israel who have needed to evacuate their homes due to Hezbollah’s attacks from the border with Lebanon.

During January alone, the organization said, Hezbollah launched 662 rockets, missiles and drones at Israel.

“Our settlements are bombed and we have become refugees. The residents of the north expect to see actions and not words. The residents of the north are no less important than the residents of the center and our patience is running out,” Lobby 1701 said in a statement.

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