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Hamas drugged Israeli children, according to new testimonies of released captives

Terrorists used motorcycle exhaust to burn identification marks on legs

Renana reunites with her children, Yagil and Or, after they were released from Hamas captivity (Photo: Facebook)

The Islamist terror organization Hamas drugged abducted Israeli children and used motorcycle exhaust to burn a distinct identification mark on their legs, according to the uncle of two Israeli children who were held hostage by terrorists in Gaza – Yagil, age 13 and his older brother, Or Yaakov (16).

The boys' uncle Yaniv revealed the new information while addressing European foreign ministers.

“The children have been returned to us and shared harrowing tales of their experiences in Gaza,” Yaniv told European top diplomats.

The purpose of drugging the children was likely to facilitate the repeated moving of hostages between different locations as the Israeli military entered the Gaza Strip. The specific markings that were burned into the hostages’ flesh was allegedly meant to indicate they “belonged” to the terror group.

Yaniv told the diplomats: “One particularly disturbing detail that shook me was how each child seized by Hamas was placed on a motorcycle. They positioned the child's leg against the bike's exhaust pipe, causing burns. This was done to mark the children, ensuring their identification should they try to escape or be rescued.

"They're now safely with us, although they were drugged and treated horrifically, but at least they're here with us now," Yaniv said.  

On Thursday evening, former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett blasted the Hamas terror organization for its cruel practice of burning marks on the Israeli children’s legs.

"We now know that Hamas terrorists who held hostage 13-year-old Yagil Yaakov and his brother Or, used a boiling hot motorcycle exhaust to 'imprint' a burn on their legs as a way to identify them if they try to escape," Bennett wrote on X (former Twitter).

"Let me repeat: They took a boiling piece of metal and pinned it to the legs of a helpless 13-year-old captive child. Hamas are sadistic monsters, and we’re going to have to kill them," he stressed.

The Israeli hostages who were released from Hamas captivity continue to reveal more details about horrifying abuse at the hands of Hamas terrorists.

Nadav Eyal, a journalist from the Israeli paper Yedioth Ahronoth recalled the horrifying story of Eitan Yahalomi, a 12-year-old French-Israeli boy who was recently released by Hamas after some 50 days in captivity in Gaza.

 “A 12-year-old, kidnapped alone after his father was shot, was beaten by Gaza residents and forced at gunpoint by Hamas to watch videos of their murder spree and massacres,” Eyal noted.

“The Hamas terrorists forced him to watch films of the horrors, the kind that no one wants to see, they forced him to watch them,” Eitan’s aunt revealed during an interview with French TV. In addition, the boy was kept in isolation for an extended period during his captivity in the hands of the terrorists

Thomas Hand, the father of the 9-year-old girl Irish-Israeli Emily Hand, who was released from captivity last week, revealed that his daughter has only been able to whisper since she returned to her family. She was reportedly threatened by Hamas terrorists not to be quiet and not make any sounds during her 7 weeks of captivity.

“The most shocking, disturbing part of meeting her was that she was just whispering; you couldn’t hear her. I had to put my ear on her lips,” her father said. “She’d been conditioned not to make any noise.”

Hostages have also complained about the lack of food and even conditions of starvation during the long days of captivity. Female hostages reportedly lost on average between 8 to 15 kg (17 to 33 pounds), according to the Israeli Health Ministry, which amounts to starvation.

The captivity was also difficult for the elderly hostages.

The 84-year-old Israeli hostage Elma Avraham returned to Israel in a life-threatening condition due to severe neglect during the Hamas captivity.

Her daughter, Tal Amano, blasted the Red Cross for failing to fulfill their duty to assist Israeli hostages held by Hamas in Gaza.

“My mother didn’t have to return like this. It was neglect during her entire period there. She didn’t receive her lifesaving medications. She was abandoned twice, once on October 7 and a second time by all the organizations that should have saved her and prevented her condition,” Amano said.

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