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Hamas attempts infiltration at beach north of Gaza, several terrorists killed by Israeli Navy commandos

Israeli soldiers guard at Zikim Beach on the Israeli-Gaza border in southern Israel, after it was closed for visitors, March 25, 2019. (Photo: Hadas Parush/Flash90)

Hamas terrorists attempted to infiltrate Israeli territory by sea and carry out attacks on Tuesday afternoon, before being eliminated by Israeli Navy forces, according to IDF reports.

Israeli Naval commandos spotted the terrorists entering the Mediterranean Sea through a tunnel and trying to infiltrate Israeli territory off the coast of Zikim, an IDF spokesman announced.

The IDF did not say how many terrorists were involved in the attempted attack but local media reports place the numbers between 5 and 10.

An infiltration alarm sounded in the recently evacuated southern communities of Karmiya and Kibbutz Zikim, warning residents to go inside their homes and lock their doors and windows.

The terrorists were shot by Israeli Navy forces who also searched the area for others who may have escaped, according to IDF spokesman Brig.-Gen. Daniel Hagari.

An Israeli fighter jet also struck the Hamas compound in the Gaza Strip where the terrorists originated, the IDF said.

Since the brutal attack on Oct. 7, Gaza border towns have been declared a closed military zone with only security and personnel teams allowed.

Hamas divers have continuously attempted to invade Israeli territory to carry out further attacks.

According to Israeli media, residents of Zikim received a threatening call from a Qatari line warning of the imminent arrival of the terrorists. The recordings of the calls have been retrieved by the Israel Police.

Hamas claimed responsibility for the sea-born attack, stating their members had “clashed with Israeli forces after managing to infiltrate into Israel.”

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