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Following Hamas propaganda video of British-Israeli hostage, UK foreign secretary brands terror group ‘callous’, ‘inhumane’

Cameron blasts BBC for not calling Hamas ‘terrorists’

UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron in a BBC interview (Photo: Screenshot)

In his strongest public comments about Hamas to date, UK Foreign Secretary Lord David Cameron called Palestinian terrorists “callous” and “inhumane.” He also said that “Hamas allows suffering to continue in Gaza.”

His comments followed the release of yet another hostage propaganda video, this time showing 51-year-old British-Israeli Nadav Popplewell, and Hamas' claim, hours later, that the hostage had succumbed to his injuries from an Israeli airstrike. The undated video showed Popplewell with a black eye. 

“Like everyone else, I watched the video on Twitter, 𝕏, last night, put out by Hamas of Nadav answering a question as to who he was,” Cameron told BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg on her Sunday morning news program. 

“And I watched that video and you just think, what callous people they are to do that, to play with the family’s emotions in that way."

“I met Nadav’s family, his sister, and I know the heartbreak they’ve been going through for over 200 days, and when you see what Hamas are prepared to do, you just realise the terrible, dreadful, inhuman people, frankly, that we are dealing with.”

Since his surprise appointment to the government on Nov. 14, Cameron has been meeting the families of Israeli hostages, in particular those with joint British citizenship. He is no stranger to suffering, having lost his son, Ivan, when the severely disabled child was only six years old.

Cameron repeated to the senior BBC political analyst what he also told Sky News, that withholding arms from Israel would only “strengthen Hamas.” He also clearly put the onus on the Iranian proxy terror force to accept a hostage deal.

The chief British diplomat insisted that he was “being more demanding” than other countries, with regard to the UNRWA scandal. Lord Cameron said the UK would not rush to renew funding to the UN agency, saying that he was waiting for the completion of a second report detailing an “actual investigation” into the involvement of some aid workers in the Oct. 7 Hamas massacres. This despite Kuenssberg forcefully telling the foreign secretary there had already been “enough” of an investigation.

Cameron had strong advice of his own for Britain’s national broadcaster.

“Maybe it’s a moment actually for the BBC to ask itself again, should we describe these people as terrorists? They are terrorists,” he told Kuenssberg. 

“If you kidnap grandmothers, if you kidnap babies, if you rape people, if you shoot children in front of their parents - what more do they need to do for the BBC to say, ‘Look these are terrorists?’"

“They really are.”

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