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Family releases Hamas video showing kidnapped IDF soldier calling on Israeli gov’t to free her

Daniela Gilboa was kidnapped from IDF's Nahal Oz base on Oct 7

Daniela Gilboa in a Hamas propoganda video (Photo: Screenshot)

Against the background of the re-energized hostage deal talks between Hamas and the Israeli government, the family of kidnapped IDF soldier Daniela Gilboa approved the publication of a video showing their daughter in captivity.

The video was filmed months ago as part of Hamas’ "psychological terror" campaign but had not been released in its entirety since then.

While the original video also showed hostages Doron Steinbrecher and Karina Ariev, Gilboa’s family only published the portion with Daniela's message.

“I was kidnapped on October 7 from the Nahal Oz base,” Daniela began, with parts of her message appearing to be scripted by her captors.

She served in the field observer unit made up of female IDF soldiers, many of whom were killed or abducted when the base was overrun by terrorists on the morning of the invasion.

“I have been a prisoner of Hamas for 107 days and I don’t know when or if at all I will return home,” she continued. “I am under bombardment 24 hours a day. I am very, very afraid for my life. On one occasion you almost killed me with your bombings.”

“Where were you on October 7 when I was kidnapped from my bed? Where are you now? Why should I, as a soldier who gave 100% of herself to the country, feel that I was abandoned and thrown away by you? Pull yourself together, dear government, and start doing your job properly to bring us all back home as long as we’re alive.”

Toward the end of the video, Daniela turns to her family to tell them she loves them and to be strong.

Orly Gilboa, the mother of hostage Daniela Gilboa, who was taken captive with other female Israeli soldiers during the deadly Oct. 7 attack by Hamas, holds a picture of Daniela during an interview with Reuters in her home in Petah Tikva, Israel, May 22, 2024. (Photo: REUTERS/Marko Djurica)

The Gilboa family allowed the video to be released at this time out of fear that the current hostage negotiations could fail again, as many hostage families continue to accuse Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of torpedoing previous deals.

“One hundred and seventy days have passed since the release of the video where I last saw my daughter,” said Daniela’s mother, Orly Gilboa, in a statement released by the Hostages and Missing Families Forum.

“In the footage, she appears strong and determined, but psychological assessments we’ve received indicate her poor mental state. Who knows what my daughter has endured in the 170 days since then? I implore the decision-makers to show leadership and approve the deal so that I can embrace Daniela again soon so that all the hostages can return home.”

In May, the Hostages and Missing Families Forum published footage of several female IDF observers, including Daniela, as they were being kidnapped from their base.

Speaking to Ynet News, Orly said, “I know this video is a psychological game, but we understand that her mental condition is not good. Then it was the 107th day, today we are on the 277th day. We don’t know how she’s doing today; I imagine not well.”

“As she says there to the government, I expect them to give 100% and remember that she is still there.”

“We miss her, that she will not lose hope, that she will take care of herself, her friends. I really hope she is still with Karina and Doron together. It will end soon,” Orly added.

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