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VIDEO: New footage showing abused state of four teenage Israeli IDF female soldiers kidnapped by Hamas

The parents of kidnapped young women, taken from Nahal Oz military base: 'We heard testimonies that women were raped at gunpoint - imagine if it was your daughter'

Screenshot of the Daily Mail showing photos of young Israeli women abducted by Hamas

An extensive article was published in Britain's Daily Mail about Israeli young women who are still being held hostage by Hamas.

The entire front page featured photos of the abducted young women – Liri Albag, Karina Ariev, Daniela Gilboa and Agam Berger – taken a few hours after their abduction and they looked like "a shadow of themselves," as defined by the newspaper.

In the popular British newspaper article, the parents of the kidnapped young women appeal to mothers and fathers around the world to speak out as new details emerge, some of which state that the abducted women were raped at gunpoint or had their limbs cut off.

"Imagine if it was your daughter, your little girl in their hands," said Orly, Daniela's mother. "What would you imagine?"

Liri’s father Eli said: "Imagine that one day you have no contact with your daughter, and you know she is in the hands of bad people. Now tell me what you say after 90 days." 

The article also includes difficult testimonies from the released hostages.

Chen Goldstein-Almog said: "There were girls who spent 50 or more days alone. When they were sad, their captors hit them and touched them. They described testimonies of sexual abuse at gunpoint in a routine manner. Some girls were seriously injured – gunshot wounds, even lost limbs – and did not receive proper medical treatment. They said they could cope with the physical disabilities but not with the way they were violated over and over again."

Regarding the four hostages, Goldstein-Almog said: "They were strong and did not lose hope. But they were on the edge five weeks ago when we parted. They need to be released, they cannot stay there another day."

Ram Brandts is a correspondent for KAN 11 news.

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