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The acceleration of evil taking hold of America

Banners hang on the hedge in front of the encampment in front of Columbia University's Butler Library. (Photo: Syndi Pilar/SOPA Images via Reuters)

You’d pretty much have to be comatose to not realize that within the span of a few short weeks, there has been an acceleration of evil which has taken hold of America, and it’s happened right before our eyes.  

What began as support for Gazans, quickly became a protest movement against Israel, which then deteriorated into anti-Jewish movement, and which has now culminated in a full-on identification with Hamas terrorists, accompanied by a camp-out on university grounds with a laundry list of demands as conditions for the return of normalcy.  

The situation is so completely out of hand, with no security to protect Jewish students, as a result of the refusal to allow police onto campuses, that classes are now back online, conjuring up memories of the Covid period. And what could be more fitting, because a virus of evil has truly taken hold of America, unlike anything that has ever been seen in its history.

The accelerated pace of this fast-spreading epidemic is so unprecedented, that there is no other explanation than the fact that we are witnessing an evil which has burst onto American society with the intent of demonizing an entire race of people who, irrespective of their political or religious views, suddenly are being portrayed as an enemy which must be eradicated.

No longer feeling safe or secure in the country which has, for nearly 250 years been a refuge for every ethnicity, faith and identity – the very reason why people have flocked to its shores, Jewish students, who attend Columbia University, are being advised to stay at home or, as one rabbi suggested, leave. 

The institution of higher learning has been taken over, effectively turned into a tent city while stating, “We are looking for our demands, and we are going to continue that.  We are here forever, until Columbia meets our demands.” Boasting the backing of “an entire community that is willing to help them,” they have successfully shut down the school, literally holding it hostage. 

This virus of evil has spread to Yale, Harvard, New York University (NYU), MIT, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, California State Polytechnic University at Humboldt, University of Michigan, University of California at Berkeley, University of Minnesota, University of Pittsburgh, Northwestern University, Temple University, Princeton University, the University of Nevada, University of Pittsburg, Stanford University, Emerson College and Tufts University. Reports say that an additional 200 other schools have also been infected by the bug as it blankets learning institutions from coast to coast.

And what are the effects of a virus? Just as the vomiting and diarrhea, often the byproducts of the malady, they are the ugly, vile excrements of what comes out of a person.  The basest and most disgusting waste matter is displayed by these protestors who are incapable of providing a reasonable explanation of the history or present conflict in the Middle East, since they are completely ignorant on the subject, nor have proper context or information.  

Viruses spread their germs through coughing and sneezing, and this is an appropriate parallel to the social media which influences unwitting, young minds who are prey to the haters spewing their poison. The message is amplified and disseminated at the speed of light, making the virus of hate a contagion which has duped an entire sector of college-age youth.

Its rapid acceleration has taken over the streets and other venues, violently demanding the economic genocide of Israel through the BDS movement (boycott, divest, sanctions) which would cut off any and all financial interaction between the Jewish state and the rest of the world’s merchants.

All done under the name of justice, freedom and equality, the premise is that anyone joining the BDS cause will be easing the “struggle” of the Palestinian people, but it’s a cover for the real agenda which is Jew hatred. The reason we know that is because American Jewish students and professors, who are the most vilified, more than likely have no ties to Israel, its political or military policies, but yet are being held guilty by an association they don’t even possess.  

So, the secret is out!  None of this is a fight for the freedom of people which these protesters have never even met. It is a convenient guise for a sudden onslaught of evil in the form of hatred against all Jews.

But that is not the whole picture. What starts with the disdain of an entire race, ends up morphing into the demand for subjugation – being under the domination or control of another individual, because that is required by them. One example is what happened to actor Alec Baldwin, just a few days ago, when he was confronted by one of these activists demanding that he voice the words, “Free Palestine.” She continued to harangue and badger him until he would agree, promising, even swearing that the moment he would say the words, she would leave him alone. He refused.

This is not an isolated incident. In 2020, BLM activists demanded that white people prostrate themselves and ask forgiveness for their intrinsic racist nature “with which they were born.” The act of subjugation was intended to display dominance and control over those who were deemed to be guilty by association due to their skin color.  

Consequently, what begins with an accusation, ends with the demand for control and the loss of another’s freedom of thought, expression or actions. This is the evil which is taking hold of America and which has also spread to other parts of the world. It is nothing more than a demonic lust for jurisdiction and authority over the very humanity which was created by God Almighty. Nothing has changed since the Garden of Eden when the serpent came in and deceived Eve and then Adam, in order to usurp divine authority.

Thousands of years later, it is appearing in another life form but with the same end result.  In this quest to destroy God’s role and all of His creation in its wake, people of faith must recognize the signs of this evil which is doing its best to overtake the principles and values upon which America was founded, even though activists believe that they have hidden their agenda, substituting it for what appears to be a worthy effort to free an oppressed people.  

The irony is that they are backing, supporting and advocating for the oppressors who have cynically brainwashed and used Gazans as the means to achieve their end – the same one which the Garden serpent concocted. Sadly, they are allowing themselves to do the Satanic bidding for evil Hamas terrorists with the singular goal of destruction.  

If there is a failure to recognize this right now and eradicate the evil which is taking hold of America, then it won’t be long before it eradicates her and moves on to the next nation victim! 

A former Jerusalem elementary and middle-school principal and the granddaughter of European Jews who arrived in the US before the Holocaust. Making Aliyah in 1993, she is retired and now lives in the center of the country with her husband.

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