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Anti-Hamas rally in Korea, and Korean support of the Jewish people

Photo: Thomas Park

So here is the brief story of how the rallies of the solidarity of Korean people for the release of hostages and the elimination of Hamas resumed.

We had to pause the rally because of the election: one of the major groups of our solidarity was a party which had to focus on the election. 5 people gathered on May 8 to discuss what to do with the rally and decided to resume from May 11, even though we were not sure how many would show up. The weather forecast was not good, so we told the police that we expected only 5-10 people would show up.

Photo: Thomas Park

This is the picture of the rally on May 11. It was very windy but more than a dozen of people showed up. It even started to rain around the ending time, 2 pm, when the pro-Hamas rally was about to begin across the street. We just felt God was moving with us and we only had to obey.

The next Saturday, the rally got bigger as you see in the leading picture of this article.

The weather was beautiful. Brad gave a big help advertising the rally and contributing with an outdoor speaker.

As we do this rally, we could meet quite a number of Jews who were happy to see us. Some of them heard about the rally and planned to come and join. Others just saw us on the spot passing by. The place where we had the rally was in the middle of Seoul, where there are many foreign travellers visit, like the old city of Jerusalem.

We have put all the pictures and videos on this social media called BAND.

Photo: Thomas Park

In this picture, Korean Christians are praying for the Jewish people.

Photo: Thomas Park

This man is a researcher at the Weizmann Institute, who was visiting Seoul to join a conference and saw our rally and said, “It was amazing and impressive to see this pro-Israel rally in Seoul.”

Photo: Thomas Park

This young Jewish man loves Korean drama and culture and found us while he was touring around Seoul.

We also could meet some tour groups from Israel, comprised of mainly elderly.

As Seoul attracts more and more foreign visitors, Jews are among them. Or God is drawing Jews and Koreans closer? Some Korean Christians believe that the Far East nation that Israel has not known but brings the good news may be Korea. (Isa 55:5, Rev 7:2)

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