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Biden acting like a man who wants Israel to lose war with Hamas – has he no shame?

US President Joe Biden in an interview with CNN (Photo: Screenshot)

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL — When U.S. President Joe Biden has supported Israel and truly stood with the Jewish state, I have given him credit, both here on ALL ISRAEL NEWS and on my TBN TV show, THE ROSENBERG REPORT. 

But what Biden is doing right now is not only wrong, it's unconscionable. 

In recent days, President Biden, his Secretary of State, Tony Blinken, and his CIA director, Bill Burns, have been actively working to undermine Israel's efforts to defeat Hamas in Gaza. 

Biden says he supports Israel and wants Israel to win.

But his actions, and those of his team, tell a very different story. 

Biden just suspended the shipment of much-needed precision-guided bombs to Israel. 


To force Israel to stop its invasion of Rafah, the southernmost city in the Gaza Strip, where all, or most of Hamas' top terror leaders are hiding, and where the final 20,000 or so Hamas terrorists are holed up. 

What’s more, Biden told CNN that it’s not just one shipment of bombs that he is holding up.

Biden plans to stop sending all ammunition and arms to Israel if the IDF continues to push into Rafah.

“I made it clear that if they [the Israeli Defense Forces] go into Rafah [that] I’m not supplying the weapons that have been used historically to deal with Rafah, to deal with the cities, to deal with that problem,” Biden said on Wednesday.

This is reprehensible.

There is no way for Israeli leaders to bring peace, security, prosperity, and a sense of true calm to their own people — much less to the Palestinian people of Gaza — if the wicked forces of Hamas is left in power. 

Israel, therefore, absolutely must go into Rafah. 

Israel absolutely must vanquish the final remnants of the Hamas fighting force. 

President Biden has a moral and strategic obligation to help America's most faithful ally in the Middle East, Israel, get the job done. 

Yet Biden is acting like he wants Israel to lose this war with Hamas.

By declaring a “red line” and telling Israel it has no right to go into Rafah to finish off Hamas once for all, Biden is taking Hamas’ side. 

Biden also took Hamas’ side by having CIA director Bill Burns secretly negotiate a permanent cease fire deal with Hamas — not telling Israel that’s what he was doing — and then allowing Hamas to go out and publicly claim that they accepted a hostage/ceasefire deal, but not one Israel had agreed to, a deal that Blinken had praised Israel for, calling it “extraordinarily, extraordinarily generous.”

This sleight of hand maneuver by the Biden team in favor of Hamas was soon detected and exposed by Israel, but not before the news of Hamas’ “acceptance” falsely raised the hopes of all the hostage families and and millions of Israelis who thought a real breakthrough had been achieved.

How cruel.

How callous.

What in the world is going on here? 

Israel is a sovereign state and a strategic, long-term, and faithful ally of the United States government and the American people. 

Hamas, by contrast, is a terrorist organization. 

Indeed, Hamas is defined in U.S. law as an illegal international terror organization. 

Yet, Biden is treating Hamas like an equal. 

Biden and his team are treating Hamas as though they are themselves are a sovereign state that deserve the backing of the American government. 

But the President and his administration are absolutely wrong. 

Upwards of 75% of the American people say they believe Israel should go into Rafah and finish off Hamas, according to a recent Harvard CAPS Harris Poll

The American people are right. 

Biden is dead wrong. 

The president is also constantly leaking through his staff to the mainstream media how much he detests the democratically elected prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. 

It’s been widely reported that Biden has been using terrible vulgarities to describe Netanyahu. 

This is not the way the world's only superpower should treat an ally. 

Not ever — certainly not in a time of war. 

Again, President Biden has done some good things in terms of sending weapons and ammunition to Israel over the last seven months. 

Biden has also provided some political cover for Israel at the United Nations. 

But recently, he refused to veto an anti-Israel resolution in the UN Security Council, choosing to abstain instead. 

This sends evil leaders in the message that Israel is in the wrong and Hamas is in the right. 

By the same token, President Biden put enormous pressure on the Israeli government not to strike back when the Iranian regime fired 320 ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and suicide drones at the Israeli people a few weeks ago.

How does he think that this behavior doesn't end up helping and supporting the Iranian regime, rather than standing faithfully with Israel, America's critical ally? 

Biden’s reckless behavior is going from bad to worse. 

It's absolutely shameful what he and his team are doing to Israel, America’s best friend in the volatile Middle East. 

With every day that passes, Biden looks weaker, acts weaker, and the American people — and the free world — are watching.

Mr. President, you must stop now.

You must change course immediately. 

Throwing a true and trusted ally under the bus is conduct unbecoming the world’s only superpower. 

Have you no shame?

Joel C. Rosenberg is the editor-in-chief of ALL ISRAEL NEWS and ALL ARAB NEWS and the President and CEO of Near East Media. A New York Times best-selling author, Middle East analyst, and Evangelical leader, he lives in Jerusalem with his wife and sons.

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