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Ben Gvir slams Netanyahu for ‘disgusting practice’ of excluding him from security discussions

Right-wing minister clamors for more influence over war policy

Head of the Jewish Power party and Minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gvir leads a faction meeting at the Knesset in Jerusalem, June 10, 2024 (Photo: Chaim Goldberg/Flash90).

Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir slammed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after he was excluded from Wednesday evening’s security assessment regarding the latest escalation by Hezbollah over the past few days.

The far-right firebrand has been clamoring for more influence over Israel’s war policy for months, intensifying his campaign since Benny Gantz left the government and vacated his seat on the War Cabinet last Sunday.

“Tonight Netanyahu is holding a ‘security consultation’ again. Well done for the elimination in Lebanon, but hundreds of missiles shouldn’t be responded to with surgical operations,” Ben Gvir wrote on 𝕏.

After the IDF eliminated a senior Hezbollah commander on Tuesday evening, the Lebanese terror group fired some 215 rockets and several drones at northern Israel throughout Wednesday.

“There is no doubt that the Prime Minister’s obscene practice of excluding me from security discussions ‘proved itself’ in the October events... Netanyahu - the excuses are over. You are the prime minister, and you can’t even hide behind Gantz and Eisenkot anymore,” Ben Gvir added.

Gantz and his party colleague Gadi Eisenkot, a former observing member in the War Cabinet, were repeatedly slammed by additional right-wing ministers for what they reportedly consider to be dovish positions, e.g. advocating a hostage deal even at the price of an end to the war.

Ben Gvir has instead been calling for increased military pressure in the Gaza Strip, as well as on Israel's northern front, where he has explicitly called for a war against Hezbollah forces in Lebanon to end the constant attacks

After being criticized by opposition politicians over the situation in the north, Ben Gvir, who oversees Israel's fire and rescue services, visited the northern town of Kiryat Shmona last week.

“We finished a situation assessment and a visit to Kiryat Shmona. I think it’s amazing to see firefighters risking their lives, policemen who are here 24/7,” he said. “And now the IDF’s job is to destroy Hezbollah.”

“They’re burning [us] here. All Hezbollah strongholds should be burned, they should be destroyed. War!” he declared.

Ben Gvir, who leads the Jewish Power party, has also demanded to take Gantz’s former spot in the War Cabinet, saying it was time to include those who “warned in real-time against the conception and viewpoint that everyone today accepts was wrong.”

“It’s time to make decisive, courageous decisions,” he said Monday, adding that Gantz’s withdrawal was irresponsible and motivated by “political reasons.”

“I think it would be appropriate for those who have been warning and speaking about the danger of Hamas all year long, those who have been advocating for bombing Gaza, carrying out targeted killings, and banning the entry of workers, to be members of the war cabinet. I have conveyed this request to the prime minister,” he added.

“The people of Israel want victory. The people of Israel want to end the policy of [providing] fuel and humanitarian aid, which ultimately mostly goes to Hamas. This is not how a country that wants to win behaves,” he concluded.

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