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'Are you one of those Jews that steals land?' - Antisemitic harassment at Florida pharmacy by pro-Palestinian man

A man in a pharmacy Lauderhill, Florida harassing a Jewish man (Photo: Screenshot)

The ongoing war between Israel and the Hamas terrorist organization has led to a marked increase in antisemitism and anti-Israel sentiments throughout the United States.

Jewish Israeli activist and influencer Danielle Yablonka was recently at a local pharmacy in Lauderhill, Florida, when she witnessed a man reportedly hurling antisemitic insults at a Jewish man after noticing he was wearing a kippah, a Jewish religious head covering.

Yablonka uploaded a video of the incident to her Instagram account on Wednesday.

"What kinda (sic) Jew are you? Are you one of those Jews that steals land?" the stranger asked the Jewish man.

The man responded, asking if he looked like someone who would steal land.

"Yes, you do. You got that thing on your head (sic)," the other man replied, pointing to his kippah.

The Jewish man responded, calling the man who offended him a “racist.”

“I am racist. I am pro-Palestinian. I don't think that you should be stealing their land," the individual stated without elaborating.

The exchange between the two continued.

"Are you the one that's starving people?" the man asked the customer in the Florida pharmacy, apparently a reference to the humanitarian situation in Gaza.

Turning to domestic issues in the United States, the pro-Palestinian man then claimed that he was the one paying for other's medication.

When asked why he would believe such a thing, he responded: "Because the Jews get a lot of things for free in this country because they're Jewish."

Antisemitic incidents in the United States have increased 360% since Oct. 7, according to an Anti-Defamation League (ADL) report published earlier this year.

“For those whose views serve an anti-Jewish and anti-Zionist ideological and instrumentalist purpose, October 7 was a golden opportunity to advance further their hateful and racist fringe perspectives into mainstream conservative discourse, using it to attack rivals, mobilize supporters and attract new followers,” the ADL report stated.

Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of ADL, warned that “the Jewish community is facing a crisis unseen in generations.” 

The United States is home to between five to six million Jews, the second largest Jewish community in the world after Israel.


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