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ALL ISRAEL NEWS Editor-in-Chief Joel Rosenberg says Hamas won millions in financial support due to war with Israel

During interview with David Brody, Rosenberg speaks about the dangers of funding Hamas, Facebook censorship of pro-Israel Jerusalem Prayer Team page and Blinken's trip to Israel to discuss two-state solution following the ceasefire

ALL ISRAEL NEWS Editor-in-Chief Joel C. Rosenberg said that while the Gaza-Israel ceasefire appears to be holding since last Friday, Hamas is suffering militarily and has managed to garner financial support from other countries causing serious concerns about how they will spend those funds.

“Hamas has had two big victories,” Rosenberg told David Brody, host of The Water Cooler on Real America News, in an interview. “One, this war was a fundraiser for them. The Biden administration is offering $340 million in reconstruction funds. Qatar, the Hamas-enthusiast Gulf country, is offering also about $350 million. And the Egyptians, $500 million. That’s a billion dollars of aid to Gaza, which could go through Hamas from a war in which they fired 4,300 rockets at us.”  

According to Rosenberg, Hamas has also gained political ground in the West Bank, following the 11-day Gaza-Israeli conflict.

“Palestinians are very enthusiastic about Hamas in the West Bank and Jerusalem right now. That’s very dangerous,” he said.

ALL ISRAEL NEWS has been leading their media with news about the latest big-tech attacks against Israel.

While the rockets have stopped, Rosenberg said “the attacks from the left-wing media, from Hollywood, from big tech and others are continuing ­– the anti-Semitic attacks, anti-Israel attacks.”

Rosenberg and Brody discussed the significance of Facebook’s alarming decision last week to take down the world’s largest pro-Israel Facebook prayer group – the Jerusalem Prayer Team. The page was established for those who want to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem,” attracting roughly 77 million pro-Israeli followers.

“Facebook took it down last week… they’re not saying why,” said Rosenberg. Based on an exclusive interview with Jerusalem Prayer Team Founder Mike Evans earlier this week, the site was the target of a massive cyberattack by radical Islamist groups throughout the Middle East, and was bombarded with some 800,000 anti-Semitic, anti-Israel attacks posted to the site.

Rosenberg explained that Evans “begged – pleaded – with Facebook to help them fight off these attacks that were coming from radical Islamic sites, posting pictures of Hitler and saying, ‘all you Jews should die and so forth.’ Facebook wouldn’t help them. Instead, Facebook shut them down.”

Rosenberg called out the social media giant on the issue. “Facebook has some of the best security in the world to fight off cyberattacks. And yet they didn’t deploy it. They didn’t use it. Instead, rather than defending this site – which is an Evangelical Christian site, it’s not a political site – it shares what’s going on in the region. It certainly defends Israel, but it does so to pray for the peace of Jerusalem,” he said.

Rosenberg believes the Biden administration needs to get involved to see that the site is restored. 

When asked about U.S. Secretary of State Tony Blinken’s arrival in Israel today to begin discussions with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about a two-state solution, Rosenberg commented that it is “a completely irrelevant conversation.”

“Israel is not the obstacle to a two-state solution,” said Rosenberg. “Hamas is. Hamas does not want a two-state solution. It wants to annihilate the one Jewish state in the world, Israel.”

He further postulated, “how do you set us into motion on some fool’s errand, as you say, to create a state that can’t be formed when there’s a terrorist organization in the way?”

Rosenberg said the central question is how to have compassion and care for the Palestinians in Gaza, without rearming Hamas with funding to rebuild.

“The first principle is that Blinken and President Biden need to ensure that no money will go directly to Hamas,” he said. “This is sacrosanct. Now, you can certainly bring in truckloads full of food and you can send in Egyptian crews and maybe crews from the Gulf, maybe even from Qatar to do the construction themselves. But you cannot wire transfer or bring in bags of cash. That’s going to go to the radical Islamist mafia – which is just going to rebuild its military infrastructure – not the lives of the Palestinian people which are suffering.”

The All Israel News Staff is a team of journalists in Israel.

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