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Again: US military strikes pro-Iranian militia sites in Syria

American military bases in Syria were subsequently attacked

Missile stike in Syria (Photo: IRNA)

For the third time since the outbreak of the war between Israel and Hamas, the U.S. military bombed two sites in al-Mayadeen and al-Bukamal in eastern Syria on Monday night belonging to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and affiliated groups.

The strikes come in response to attacks on U.S. forces in Iraq and Syria in the last month.

One of the sites attacked was a headquarters of the IRGC and the other was a weapons storage facility.

According to a Fox News report, 6 to 7 Iranian proxy fighters were killed in the American attack on the IRGC headquarters, which was carried out by warplanes.

At the second site, secondary explosions took place for two hours, indicating a large amount of weapons and ammunition stored there.

“Biden ordered the action to make it clear that the United States will continue to defend itself, its people and its interests,” said U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

The secretary of defense added during his visit to Seoul, Korea, this morning:

“The American attacks in eastern Syria are intended to disrupt and weaken the groups responsible for attacks on American forces. The U.S. will do what is necessary to protect its forces if the attacks on them do not stop.”

The Iranian news agency IRNA reported that less than an hour later, American military bases at the Conoco oil field in Syria were attacked with 15 rockets, as well as in al-Shadadi in Syria with three drones.

Written by KAN 11 correspondents Roi Kais, Ram Brandes and Amichai Stein. is the Hebrew news website of the The Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation

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