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WATCH: A female IDF tank squad eliminated 50 Hamas terrorists, saved Kibbutz Holit – and made history

On the morning of Oct. 7, female tank soldiers fought heroically

(Photo: Screenshot)

“These are the first women in Israel, maybe in the world, who fought a tank battle.”

Israel's Channel 12 news visited the female soldiers who took out dozens of terrorists on Oct. 7, saving an entire Kibbutz from the Hamas massacre.

They were far away when they first heard about the invasion from the Gaza Strip.

The female tank crews were part of an IDF force tasked with securing the Egyptian border, which had been relatively quiet in the last few years.

On Oct. 7, they joined the fight on Israel's border with Gaza without hesitation.

Before understanding what was actually happening, the soldiers took a tank and an armored vehicle and rushed the 35 km (21 miles) to the battle raging on Kibbutz Holit.

Later, two more tanks staffed with all-female crews joined them.

“Once Karni [the commander] told me to drive north on the Philadelphi Corridor toward Gaza, I realized it was serious,” one of the soldiers said.

They battled for six straight hours to eliminate the terrorists who had infiltrated the Gaza Strip.

Their tank commander praised the soldiers for their bravery.

“These are only combat women tank crews in the world, highly-trained, highly professional… [There are] no other Western armies with women tank crews. This is a piece of history, this is huge, for women in tanks, and women in combat,” he said.

“They charged, covered, functioned, tended the wounded, in the most inspirational way.”

The All Israel News Staff is a team of journalists in Israel.

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