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IDF destroys 6 km of tunnels in Gaza City, over 150 terrorists killed in last week

Soldiers discover massive 3-story tunnel system in Rafah, connected to Egypt

Israeli soldiers fighting in the Gaza Strip, early July 2024. (Photo: IDF)

IDF troops continued operations in Gaza City on Tuesday, acting on intelligence indicating the return of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terrorists and infrastructure in the area. 

The IDF said that more than 150 terrorists have been eliminated during fighting around Shejaiya over the last week, as the IDF continues operations there, above and below ground. 

For more than a week, troops from the Paratroopers Brigade, the 7th Brigade, and the Yahalom Unit have been fighting both above and below ground in Shejaiya under the command of the 98th Division. 

As a result of intelligence and engineering efforts, the soldiers located tunnel shafts and significant tunnel routes totaling around 6 kilometers (about 3.75 miles). In a division-level operation, six terror tunnels were located and destroyed. IDF soldiers will continue operations there as they attempt to thwart Hamas' efforts to re-establish themselves in Gaza City. 

While examining the tunnels, Yahalom Combat Engineering Corps soldiers discovered a branched tunnel system. Soldiers discovered terror hideouts and command centers in several branches. In one of the tunnels, they found weapons and intelligence documents.

The purpose of the raid on Shejaiya, which began 13 days ago, is to locate and destroy Hamas terror infrastructure, particularly tunnels. Some are categorized as "approach tunnels," allowing terrorists to approach the border fence undetected.

Besides eliminating numerous terrorists, the troops located sniper equipment, RPGs, grenades and AK-47 rifles. According to the IDF, the forces encountered many booby-trapped buildings and explosives and discovered intelligence documents left behind by the terrorists. 

"We found a lot of intelligence material there, quality information that we will use later. The terrorists there fled to nearby neighborhoods such as Zeitoun and Daraj Tufah, and fired mortars and explosive drones at us," the IDF said. "But we have already eliminated about 20 terrorists who did so."

The military anticipates discovering several other significant tunnels in Shejaiya before ending the current operation.

IDF troops are continuing a targeted, intelligence-based operational activity around Rafah in southern Gaza. During the last day, the troops eliminated dozens of terrorists in close-quarters combat and aerial strikes coordinated with the Israeli AIr Force (IAF).

On Monday, the IDF discovered a massive three-story tunnel connecting Rafah in Gaza to Egypt.

According to Israel Hayom's political correspondent Shirit Avitan Cohen, a complex and unprecedented network of tunnels in Rafah was revealed that crossed between Egypt and southern Gaza.

At the center of the tunnel network, a massive tunnel with three different levels at great depth was discovered, apparently used for the simultaneous smuggling of large quantities of equipment, weapons, and possibly people between Gaza and Egypt.

The IDF was reportedly shocked by the massive size and scope of the tunnels, having only anticipated finding simple smuggling tunnels at a moderate depth.

Reports in Hebrew media stated that the Israeli negotiating team, currently in Cairo, Egypt to discuss the hostage release deal, is also negotiating with Egyptian officials regarding the security of the border after the war ends.

While Egypt denied any knowledge of smuggling across the border with Gaza, the number and size of the tunnels have led many Israeli officials to believe that Egypt has been complicit.

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