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World’s first thermal energy storage plant opens in Israel’s Negev Desert

Brenmiller Energy heat storage plant in southern Israeli city of Dimona. (Photo: Brenmiller Energy)

An Israeli company opened the world’s first thermal energy storage plant in the Israel’s southern city of Dimona, located in the Negev Desert.

Brenmiller Energy, a world leader in heat storage, is already involved in large thermal energy storage projects in the United States, Brazil and Italy. The new Israeli plant is expected to become the company’s main manufacturing center.

Founder and CEO Avi Brenmiller stressed the importance of heat storage in order to reduce emissions from the industrial heating industry.

“In order to reduce emissions in the industrial and heating sector, heat storage is required, which will link the changing availability of renewable electricity sources – such as wind and solar power – to needs that require heat around the clock,” Brenmiller said .

He also stressed the significance of their unique new storage facility.

“Unveiling our [thermal energy storage] gigafactory marks a pivotal milestone in our company’s history,” said Brenmiller.

“What started as a family business has grown into a company that can help the global economy’s efforts to decarbonize,” he added.

In addition to reducing industry emissions, the company’s cutting-edge technology also lowers energy production costs through efficient conservation.

Headquartered in the Israeli city, Rosh Haayin, Brenmiller Energy has been developing its patented thermal energy storage technology for over a decade. The company trades on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and has already raised more than $80 million from investors.

For most of its history, the State of Israel has been forced to innovate in order to overcome numerous obstacles, including scarce natural resources. Israel has, consequently, become a world leader in solar- and water-related technologies, which has benefited many countries worldwide. In November 2021, Israel and Jordan signed a large water-solar cooperation agreement in Dubai.

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