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What the Israeli media are saying about the Abraham Accords signing today

The American, United Arab Emirates, Israeli and Bahraini flags. (Photo: Flash90)

On the morning of the signing of the peace accords between the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Israel, the top stories in the Israeli media ranged from exclusive interviews with officials involved in the Washington signing ceremony to details of the plan itself.

Palestinians have to want to help themselves

Times of Israel ran an exclusive interview with the UAE Assistant Minister for Cultural and Public Diplomacy Omar Saif Ghobash who said rather than be upset, Palestinians should "rethink what is possible."

“They need to want to help themselves as well, and perhaps instead of using the traditional criticisms and curses, they actually look at what we are trying to do.”

In a wide ranging interview in D.C., he also told the TOI that young Emiratis are very interested in visiting Israel.

Not just normalizing - a peace treaty

The Jerusalem Post notes that the "historic deal Israel and the United Arab Emirates will sign on Tuesday at the White House will be a peace treaty," meaning the event is far more than a formal recognition of ties with two Gulf states.

"It had previously been unclear if the agreement to be signed will be normalization or peace, since Israel and the UAE had not previously been at war," The Jpost reported.

In the palm of his hands

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a draft of the peace treaty in his hands Monday in Washington D.C. in a televised address to the press from Washington, i24 reported.

“This is a huge turn in the history of Israel, also in the history of the Middle East,”  he said. “I hold in my hands a draft of the historic peace treaty between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, as well as the historic peace declaration between Israel and Bahrain. ..."

“I also promise you, from what I see here, that more countries are on the way,” he added without being more specific.

Peace to be 'phased in'

Israel National News reported that the treaty will be phased in incrementally in three parts with ambassadors and full diplomatic relations only coming at the end.

"With Israel set to sign a peace treaty with the UAE and a 'declaration of peace' with Bahrain at the White House Tuesday, a report by Bloomberg claims that the treaty between Israel and the UAE will be implemented incrementally, over three phases, according to sources briefed on the details of the agreement."

The timing will ensure that Israel does not declare sovereignty over the West Bank and that the United States will fulfill its sales of f35 fighter jets to the UAE.

Economic cooperation between the countries will come in at the first stage.

The All Israel News Staff is a team of journalists in Israel.

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