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‘We are facing End Times and end of Israel’ if we don’t vanquish Iranian, Hezbollah, Hamas threats now, veteran IDF officer tells THE ROSENBERG REPORT

(illustration credit: IDF)

ON THE BORDER OF LEBANON — It’s not surprising to me that Evangelical Christians are asking if the horrific war that Israel is being forced to fight right now is a fulfillment of Bible prophecy and a sign of the End of Days.

What is very surprising to me is that more and more Orthodox and secular Israeli Jews are asking me the same questions.

Why are they asking?

Because they have never seen anything like this war in their entire lives.

Because the savagery and surprise of this war is unlike anything they have ever known or imagined.

Because they fear the war is about to go from very bad to much, much, much worse – including a massive escalation with Iran and Hezbollah.

And because, as they try to make sense of the incomprehensible, they are wondering if the Bible – and particularly Bible prophecy – offers any solid and convincing answers. 

On Monday, I came up here to the Israel-Lebanon border to cover the intensifying attacks by Hezbollah for ALL ISRAEL NEWS and THE ROSENBERG REPORT, my weekly, primetime TV show on TBN, which will air tonight at 9 p.m. eastern. 

Joel Rosenberg filing an episode of The Rosenberg Report on the Israel-Lebanon border (Photo: ALL ISRAEL NEWS)

Today, I was again up here in the north.

And wherever I go, I keep finding Israelis who are furious with their government for not keeping them safe.

And demanding that the IDF not only vanquish Hamas but simultaneously neutralize the existential threats posed by the Iranian regime and Hezbollah.

And bracing themselves for an “apocalyptic” war of biblical proportions.

Tonight, on my show, I will explore these critical issues.

You’ll hear from experts – highly experienced veterans of IDF combat and intelligence units – who were unafraid to go on the record with me about what they believe is happening right now.

Israel's Iron Dome intercepting rockets shot from Gaza into southern Israel

What they believe must happen next if Israel is to survive.

And what they believe will happen if Israel does not act decisively.

They want to know why Israel has not yet launched an full invasion of northern Gaza.

They hope it’s because the IDF is planning to launch a massive preemptive attack on Iranian nuclear sites and Hezbollah.

(Photo: Screenshot/TBN's The Rosenberg Report)

But they are nervous that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his war cabinet are not sure how to proceed. 

As you’ll see tonight, Hezbollah continues to attack Israeli military positions and civilian centers along the border.

At least 64 Israeli towns along the Lebanon border in the north have been evacuated – that’s some 100,000 Israelis having been moved out of harm's way, including residents of the largest city on the border, Kiryat Shmona.

The experts I spoke to say that Israel must hit Iran and Hezbollah first, hard, and relentlessly, or they believe that every Israeli in the Galilee and the northern tier will soon be slaughtered like Israelis on the Gaza border were on Oct. 7. 

Joel Rosenberg filing an episode of THE ROSENBERG REPORT on the Israel-Lebanon border (Photo: ALL ISRAEL NEWS)

They readily concede that such a war will be “apocalyptic” and set the region “on fire,” but they fear Israel literally cannot survive a mass invasion by Hezbollah.

Nor do they believe Israel can survive Iran – which is already enriching uranium at 84% – quickly breaking out and suddenly building fully operational nuclear weapons. 

“Can you imagine how many Israelis will die if Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas get The Bomb?” a former lieutenant colonel in IDF intelligence – Jewish, not a Christian – told me. 

“We are facing the End Times and the end of Israel” if we don’t achieve a “massive victory” over the immense threats posed by Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas threats, he insisted.

It was the most sobering conversation that I’ve ever had with an Israeli since I first came here to study at Tel Aviv University some 36 years ago. 

Watch tonight’s program and tell me what you think.

Joel C. Rosenberg is the editor-in-chief of ALL ISRAEL NEWS and ALL ARAB NEWS and the President and CEO of Near East Media. A New York Times best-selling author, Middle East analyst, and Evangelical leader, he lives in Jerusalem with his wife and sons.

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