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WATCH VIDEO: What should Evangelicals know about the Iranian crown prince’s historic visit to Israel and why it matters

ALL ISRAEL NEWS Editor-in-Chief Joel C. Rosenberg talks about the potential prophetic significance of the trip in a YouTube video

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL – Never before in the 75 years of the modern history of Israel has a major Iranian leader ever set foot here.

Yet Reza Pahlavi – the exiled Iranian crown prince, son of the late shah (king) of Iran – is here in Israel this week with his wife, Yamine.

The visit has triggered lots of headlines here in Israel over the past few days.

Indeed, ALL ISRAEL NEWS has published stories each of the past three days. 

Yet the historical visit is not making much news in the United States or elsewhere in the world.

Indeed, most mainstream news outlets are ignoring the story.

As a result, many people are not even aware that the crown prince has been visiting Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa.

Nor that he has been denouncing the current regime in Tehran for being anti-freedom, anti-women, anti-Semitic, anti-Jewish, anti-Israel and anti-progress.

Nor that he has been praising Israel as a beacon of democracy and freedom.

Nor that he says he wants to see a democratic Iran make a peace treaty with Israel and her Arab neighbors which he suggests be called the “Cyrus Accords,” after Cyrus the Great, the ancient Persian leader who liberated the Jewish people, helped them leave exile in the Persian Empire and go back to resettle the land of Israel, and even financed the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem, all in fulfillment with ancient Bible prophecy.

This is a big reason why ALL ISRAEL NEWS exists.

We report on the important stories that so much of the mainstream media completely ignores, or gets wrong when they do report it.

We also provide biblical context for Evangelicals trying to understand what these stories mean, why they matter and how they should inform our prayer life.

That’s why Joseph Magen – an ALL ISRAEL NEWS co-founder and our managing editor – interviewed his fellow co-founder, Joel C. Rosenberg, Wednesday evening to discuss the crown prince’s visit.

They discussed the geopolitical significance of the visit.

But they also discussed the potential prophetic significance.

Does Bible prophecy indicate, for example, that the wicked leaders of Iran will face divine judgment in the “last days” of human history, prior to the return of Jesus Christ to earth?

Does Bible prophecy indicate that the people of Iran will be loved by God and liberated from the evil tyrants who rule over them in the End of Days?

The full interview is posted on the ALL ISRAEL NEWS channel on YouTube.

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The All Israel News Staff is a team of journalists in Israel.

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