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WATCH: Israel publishes documentation of Hamas terrorists firing from Al-Quds Hospital

Israeli soldiers were attacked with RPGs from the hospital entrance

As international pressure on Israel grows and world media continues to focus especially on the situation with Gaza’s hospitals, the Israeli army on Monday released additional evidence documenting how Hamas terrorists have been using the hospital building and its patients as human shields.

IDF troops ran into an ambush and came under fire on Saturday while operating near the Al-Quds Hospital located on the western outskirts of Gaza City.

A group of Hamas terrorists opened fire with RPGs from among civilians at the hospital entrance, damaging an Israeli tank just dozens of meters from the hospital.

Image: IDF

When Israeli soldiers began to return fire, civilians fled from the area while additional terrorists joined the fight – some of whom had been hiding among the civilians – while others exited adjacent buildings, including a Red Cross building.

The terrorists later tried to fall back into the hospital but were eliminated by the IDF soldiers with the help of the Israeli Air Force.

Twenty-one terrorists were killed in the incident, while the IDF stressed that no civilians were killed. Israel did not suffer any casualties as a result of the clashes.

The attack was allegedly an organized ambush by terrorists under the command of Hamas’ Shati Battalion, which has not yet disbanded and continues to carry out attacks against IDF forces using significant numbers of terrorists, an IDF source told Army Radio.

The documentation of the battle happened “by mistake,” according to Army Radio, as the drone that took the footage was scrambled to the area to provide intelligence about the whereabouts of the terrorists.

Only two days later, the IDF realized the value of the footage in documenting Hamas’ use of hospitals as human shields and went on to release it on Monday.

The Israeli combat team was made up of soldiers from the 188th Armored Brigade and the 906th Battalion, which is a battalion of instructors from the IDF’s infantry school.

The fighting around the hospital continued on Monday, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent, which reported heavy gunfire in the vicinity of the hospital.

The Red Crescent also claimed that the hospital was forced to cease operations because of a fuel shortage.

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