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WATCH: Heroic efforts of Muslim Bedouin IDF soldiers who fought against Hamas terrorists

Lt.-Col. M. might be the first commander to order an airstrike on his army base

The heroic resistance of some Israeli soldiers amid the carnage and bloodshed of the brutal Hamas assault against Israel on Oct. 7 slowly continues to come to light.

Israel’s Channel 12 News met Lt.-Col. M., commander of a unit of trackers, and some of his soldiers, all of whom are Muslim Bedouins and led the battle of the IDF’s Gaza Division headquarters.

On the morning of the surprise attack, the base was lightly staffed and the main fighting force at hand was the tracker unit, a special unit made up mainly of Bedouins, known to be experts in tracking enemies in the Negev desert they grew up in.

Lt.-Col. M. and five of his soldiers took up positions at the entrance gate of the army base and held off some 30 terrorists for over an hour, thus buying precious time and preventing an even larger catastrophe.

When dozens of terrorists managed to enter the army base from the other side, the tracker unit continued to battle them inside the headquarters for hours, until a unit of elite “Shaldag” commando soldiers arrived at the base and began clearing it of the terrorists.

During the fighting, Lt.-Col. M. likely became the first IDF commander to order an airstrike on his own army base.

When M. saw that several of the terrorists had fortified themselves in one of the buildings, he requested a helicopter to fire a missile which killed them.

Six soldiers lost their lives in the battle, but it could have been much worse if not for the heroic efforts of the Muslim Bedouin IDF soldiers who saved the Gaza Division headquarters from catastrophe.

The All Israel News Staff is a team of journalists in Israel.

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