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WATCH: 'Antisemitism for Dummies' - Israeli comedian uses humor to address global surge in antisemitic attacks

With the global surge of antisemitism, including a 500% increase in worldwide antisemitic attacks from 2022 to 2023 and old antisemitic tropes resurfacing on social media, one interesting phenomenon has been the growing number of Israeli comedians honing their craft in the English language to express their support for Israel, particularly since the events of Oct. 7.

This shift highlights the recognition among local comedians of the pivotal role that humor plays in addressing and counteracting the challenges Israel faces in the global public discourse on a global scale. 

For example, Eretz Nehederet, a political satire show often compared to 'Saturday Night Live' in Israel, has expanded its content to include English-speaking sketches. The English-speaking segments may be a response to the broader impact of the war, such as the atrocities committed by Hamas, influencing the perspectives and creative choices of comedians both in Israel and globally.

Two of Eretz Nehederet’ sketches, The Gospel According to Berkeley, satirizing the ill-informed progressive students of the West and Gaza’s sky is black but Qatar is always sunny, targeting Hamas leaders who enrich themselves, while their people are suffering, have been popular around the world.  

Edan Alterman, a veteran Israeli comedian, recently released a few hilarious videos, poking fun at progressives in the West. One notable piece is his short Bee Gees musical parody titled 'I'm White and I'm Woke,' a clever play on the iconic, 'I Started a Joke.' 

His latest creation, 'Introducing: Antisemitism for Dummies,' is a must-watch! Enjoy and feel free to share.


The All Israel News Staff is a team of journalists in Israel.

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