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WATCH: A Jewish believer's prayer song brings hope on Israeli national TV

Shai Sol offered an exclusive interview to ALL ISRAEL NEWS

Shai Sol, an inspiring singer-songwriter and Israeli-Jewish follower of Yeshua had a moving live performance on Israel’s KAN TV.

Shai Sol, together with her Miqedem bandmate, Jamie Hilsden, performed an original song composed by Shai Sol, called, ‘And Return Sons to their Borders.' The title is based on Jeremiah 31:16, drawing a connection between the redemption of the tribes of Israel from exile with the current situation of Israelis held captive by Hamas. 

The words of the song resonate with a prayer so many Israelis feel these days: 

And sons came back to their borders

Merciful Father

Return home


Please have mercy

And sons came back to their borders

He healed them

From darkness to light

took them out

Please accept our prayer

Because you hear

Prayer every time

answered quickly

Not for us

Do for your name

Send mercy

Please have mercy

Shai Sol offered an exclusive interview to ALL ISRAEL NEWS.

"It was moving to have the opportunity to perform the song live as part of the news and morning panel. I feel it's an enormous privilege and purpose to offer a prayer in such difficult times and I received many messages from Israel and around the world that the song touched and moved people," she said.

What inspired you to compose this song?

"From the very start of the war, I felt a profound sense of shock and an inability to cope with the harsh reality unfolding. My natural response was to turn to prayer in those moments. I felt compelled to express the deep anguish I was feeling through the lyrics of this song. I wanted to have a simple, heartfelt personal prayer that I could sing as a plea for the safe return of the kidnapped victims. When I contemplated what to say, the verse from Jeremiah immediately flowed through me: 'There is hope for your future, your children shall return to their border.'" 

She continued: "This prophecy encouraged me, and the rest of the lyrics came straight from the heart. I believe music is a gift from God, so for me, songwriting feels more like "receiving" a song rather than "writing" a song.

Shai Sol shared more of her creative process.

"At first, I wasn't sure if I would release this song, as I was occupied with preparing for my U.S. tour, uncertain if it would even happen amidst the war. I set the song aside, and when I returned from the U.S., I felt compelled to share it. My time in the U.S. gave me much inspiration - I met many Christians and Jews praying together for Israel and the safe return of the kidnapped. I went into the studio and quickly recorded it. Once released, I received invitations to perform the song and share its message on TV and radio."

Does your faith in Yeshua add another layer to your role as a performer?

"Yes. I feel that my place as a musician in Israeli society is to talk about God's love and the change He made in my heart, and this is what I hope to do through my songs where I expose my prayers, feelings, and way of life. My prayer is for God's love to rise above this situation, and to heal hearts. And, of course, I earnestly pray for the safe return home of the kidnapped victims."

Shai Sol is now working on new material.

Click here to be a part of her creative process.

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