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The Daily Wire’s 'What is a Woman?' documentary touches a nerve

In just days, the film had over 170 million views on Twitter

Matt Walsh talks about his documentary “What is a Woman?” (Photo: Screenshot)

It probably seemed like a crazy idea to make a documentary called, “What is a Woman?” but The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh obviously decided to seize on the opportunity, of the absurdity of the question, after would-be Supreme Court Associate Justice Ketanji Jackson Brown was unable to define a woman when asked by Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn. 

Receiving over 170 million views after being posted by the Daily Wire’s Twitter account just last Thursday, its release coincided with the start of the month-long celebration of Pride Month, now held every June. In the end, the documentary became one of the most-watched documentaries ever. 

Perhaps, the greatest irony for social media moguls who could have benefited from this massive viewing, is that when the documentary first aired a year ago, Twitter classified it as “hateful conduct” and “misgendering,” rendering it unviewable. Elon Musk, who subsequently bought Twitter failed to immediately undo this classification and only after a lengthy and massive amount of pressure was applied that the documentary was finally able to be viewed just a few days ago.  

This type of unjustified censorship, which is so prevalent these days, prevented Twitter, for a long time, from basking in one of the greatest accomplishments it has ever achieved since its inception. One can only wonder how former Twitter Trust and Safety Chief Ella Irwin felt, knowing she could have received all the credit for going against the tide and allowing the documentary to be freely viewed when she controlled what content was permitted.

Once Musk finally relented, he encouraged every parent to watch it. In truth, the documentary, made by Matt Walsh, never expressed his own personal opinion. Instead, it recorded the opinions of different individuals who sat down with him and attempted to answer the question that he posed, from their point of view, meaning that it was a collection of varying opinions by many people. So why should that be censored?

Now, the once-scorned project has received unprecedented coverage, as it has trended on mainstream media news stations like NBC, CNN, as well as well-known publications, including National Review and The Daily Beast. In fact, it has gone viral throughout the globe, defying those who sought to silence the answer. Instead, there was fear and reluctance to define the female gender as it has been characterized since the creation of Eve, the first woman.

The 90-minute documentary ended up revealing just how explosive this topic has become – to the point where, just by asking the simple question, some being interviewed became highly offended and refused to continue having their responses filmed.

Since the sudden rise of the transgender movement, the difficulty in defining, “What is a Woman?” stems from the refusal to employ biological identifiers and properties, which were designated at birth, and which are totally biological. Those characteristics limit who can lay claim to that gender, and therein lies the dilemma for those who are now stating that one’s biological markers are not an undeniable factor, in the sex that they prefer, as opposed to the one into which they were born.

If enough people stand by the traditional and infallible proof of gender at the time of birth, then the whole theory of transgenderism falls flat on its face, because it is totally dependent upon how one feels rather than how one came out of the womb. This is the problem with attempting to ignore or override science.  Feelings cannot supersede fact no matter how hard you try.

But fact is no longer a determination to those men who suddenly believe that a mistake was made at birth, and that they now aspire to identify as a woman, some going as far as surgically undergoing whatever it takes to make the transition complete.  

Such was the case with Dylan Mulvaney, probably the most renowned of all so-called transgenders, after being chosen to appear on Bud Light beer cans. This biological man underwent a litany of surgical procedures to achieve the physical look of a woman. Mulvaney underwent a hairline advancement, brow bone shave, rhinoplasty, cheek enhancement, lip lift, jaw shave, chin reduction and tracheal shave. Those who are unfamiliar with the TikTok star, would be hard-pressed to believe that Mulvaney was ever a man, given the resemblance to Audrey Hepburn.

But while Dylan Mulvaney is already 26 years old, the current push is to get teenagers, and even pre-teens, to join this ever-growing trend by taking puberty blockers before their body has a chance to develop into the undeniable physical attributes which accompany maturity. The move is seen as so controversial that even some members of the gay and transgender community have strongly voiced their disapproval of promoting this type of radical treatment for minors. 

Yet, while there is broad support for children to grow into the gender to which they biologically belong, the calculated societal confusion, nonetheless, exists as agenda-driven media. Corporations and financial backers, all of whom have something to gain from this spontaneous trend, have successfully caused ordinary people to hesitate taking a position and unequivocally define the female gender. Because to do so will mean going against the new tide which could earn you the dreaded label of being transphobic.  

It's not much different from the way opposition has been cleverly avoided towards any type of lifestyle which, although accepted and celebrated today, not so long ago, was viewed as unacceptable and a departure from natural tendencies.  

It turns out that it takes courage to define “What is a Woman?” in the year 2023.  And while men can possess many female traits and attributes, just as women can also exhibit many male traits, the two genders were always meant to be different and unattainable by wishing them into existence.

A woman is born with two X chromosomes, is generally able to give birth and possesses an ovary. Body composition differs greatly between men and women both in terms of fat mass, muscle fiber, tissue and overall strength. These are simply irrefutable biological facts which everyone should be able to distinguish, accept and express without fear of being labeled.

Matt Walsh, in his attempt to get a straight answer, may have done everyone a favor by bringing to light the inability to answer the most basic of all questions, but here it is for those who are still not sure: A Woman Is Where You Came From!!!

A former Jerusalem elementary and middle-school principal and the granddaughter of European Jews who arrived in the US before the Holocaust. Making Aliyah in 1993, she is retired and now lives in the center of the country with her husband.

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