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Shocking videos capture neo-Nazis rally in Florida chanting, ‘The Jew is the devil’ 

Demonstrators in Orlando waved Nazi flags and shouted anti-Semitic and anti-Black slogans in a rally organized by the National Socialist Movement

Neo-Nazi rally in Orlando, Florida, Jan. 29, 2022 (Photo:

Horrifying videos of a neo-Nazi rally on Saturday in Orlando, Florida, have emerged on social media with footage of about 20 participants chanting anti-Semitic slogans such as “The Jew is the devil” and “Jews rape children and drink their blood.” 

In other videos shared by, the group can be seen stomping on an Israeli flag and assaulting a driver in his car. The NGO posted the footage and asked, “Why are local PD allowing this?”

The Orange County Sheriff's Office in Orlando said its deputies responded to a fight between a group of demonstrators wearing Nazi symbols and someone not affiliated with the group. No arrests were made. Police said in a statement that “the Orange County Sheriff's Office deplores hate speech in any form, but people have the First Amendment right to demonstrate."

A spokesperson for Governor Ron DeSantis came under fire for raising the possibility that the rally was a stunt. 

“Do we even know they are Nazis? Or is it a stunt like the White Nationalists who crashed the Youngkin rally in Charlottesville and turned out to be Dem staffers? I trust Florida Law enforcement to investigate and am awaiting their conclusions,” Christina Pushaw posted on Twitter. 

She later deleted her tweet. 

The rally was organized by the National Socialist Movement (NSM) and was live streamed on the American Nazi Party’s website. 

NSM has a 25-point manifesto on its website that advocates an American “White” ethno-state in which only “Whites” with European ancestry can be citizens and only “White male landowners” are allowed to vote. The manifesto specifies that “since Jews are not White, no matter what they may claim, no Jew may become a member of our nation.” 

On Sunday, Nazi signs were hung on a bridge over an Orlando highway by what appears to be a smaller crowd of neo-Nazi demonstrators. A tweet with photos showing the Nazi symbols and flags was captioned: “Right now: shocking display of Nazi flags and demonstrators on multiple overpasses between downtown Orlando and Disney on I-4.”


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