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Russia, Iran and China took notes from Biden’s failure in Afghanistan: Joel Rosenberg breaks down several looming security challenges

In interview with CBN News, Rosenberg also discusses the possibility of Saudi Arabia joining the Abraham Accords

With Russia on the verge of invasion to Ukraine, Iran nearing its nuclear breakout time and China threatening and provoking Taiwan, ALL ISRAEL NEWS Editor-in-Chief Joel Rosenberg is looking to Washington. 

“Weakness begets danger,” Rosenberg told CBN Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell in a recent interview. “That is what happens when an American president displays weakness.” 

Rosenberg believes that the failure of the Biden administration to “look strong in Afghanistan” contributed to some of the biggest security challenges of early 2022. He noted that Israeli and Arab leaders whom he spoke with in the Middle East are doubtful that the American president has the character or strength “to take on Putin and the Chinese and the Iranians.”

“The fact that he has surrendered to the terrorist Taliban regime in Afghanistan means that every other enemy in the world is saying: well, if Biden can't handle the Taliban, what can we do? What could we get? What could we take?” he explained.   

Rosenberg views Russia’s military buildup on the border of Ukraine with 140,000 troops as “a huge crisis which does not immediately directly affect Israel.” But he sees the looming threat of war as a test of President Biden.  

The threat from Iran, however, poses a direct test to both Washington and Jerusalem. As Iran continues to enrich its uranium to 60% purity and gets closer to a nuclear weapon, Rosenberg thinks that options to contain Tehran without having to go to an actual war are “running thin and running out.” Therefore, the Israeli leadership has a big decision to make and according to Rosenberg, it is one that is being considered: “Do we have to go and launch preemptive military strikes against Iran?” 

Iran’s regional influence and entrenchment is a primary motive behind the Abraham Accords – the historic peace treaty signed between Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. When asked about the possibility of Saudi Arabia joining the treaty this year, Rosenberg replied: “I think Israel definitely wants it. I think the Saudis are actively considering.”

“The Biden administration has been pulling ballistic missile defense batteries like the Patriot system out of Saudi Arabia, and the Saudis are looking for a reason to give their people: Why should we make peace with Israel at all? And why should we do it now?” 

Rosenberg explained that a potential normalization agreement that involves Saudi money and Israeli technology could build a regional missile defense system against Iran and its proxies. 

“That is a reason for a king and a crown prince in Saudi Arabia to say to the people, listen, we're making peace because it is good for the Saudis,” he added.  

Rosenberg believes that the U.S. should play a role in such a peace deal, which could also be a big opportunity for Biden. 

“Where is Joe Biden going to get a major foreign policy win and maybe a Nobel Peace Prize in the process anywhere else on the planet? I don't see an opportunity right now except a Saudi-Israeli peace deal.” 

The All Israel News Staff is a team of journalists in Israel.

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