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Israel’s former PM Yair Lapid to speak to Jewish organization leaders on US trip

Lapid’s trip comes as many Jewish organizations abroad show concern over Benjamin Netanyahu’s new right-wing government

Israel’s previous prime minister, Yair Lapid, will fly to the United States next week to meet with leaders of major Jewish organizations there after concerns have been raised regarding Israel’s new right-wing government. 

In light of these concerns, Lapid will likely criticize the Netanyahu government and express his support for these international organizations. He is also expected to try to sabotage the government’s attempts to change certain laws in Israel related to the country’s legal structure and religious institutions. 

Israeli Diaspora Affairs Minister Amichai Chikli criticized Lapid and said what he is doing is “disturbing and irresponsible.” 

“[Lapid] doesn’t understand that when he tells the whole world that Israel has a dark government, the world doesn’t differentiate between the government and the state. No former prime minister has ever acted this way,” Chikli said at the Betar World Youth Movement conference in Jerusalem on Wednesday.

He stated that Lapid is “doing the work of the BDS [movement]” and, in fact, that he “is spearheading the BDS movement.”

While the new government is believed to disapprove of Progressive Judaism, Chikli was asked about his opinion of Reform Jews and said, “We will strengthen any Jew regardless of their backgrounds and beliefs.”

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