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NRB, JPB and ‘Keep God’s Land’ Fact Finding & Solidarity Mission to Israel

Mission aims to deepen understanding of challenges facing Israel and stand in unity with Israeli people

The Israeli flag are screened on the walls of Jerusalem's Old City, on November 7, 2023. (Photo: Chaim Goldberg/Flash90)

The National Religious Broadcasters (NRB), the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast (JPB) and “Keep God’s Land Fact Finding & Solidarity Mission” to Israel this week in cooperation with the Israeli Government Press Office. 

The solidarity trip, which will take place from May 22-28, will coincide with the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast, which takes place at the conclusion of the trip, from May 28-30. 

The trip, which is a cooperation between NRB, the JPB, Israel365, and the Israeli Government Press Office (GPO), will involve visits to significant sites from the October 7 Hamas invasion massacres, including the site of the Nova music festival and one of the kibbutzim which saw barbaric Hamas atrocities. 

Tour members will have the opportunity to meet with family members of hostages still being held in Gaza, hear testimonies from survivors of the October 7 attacks, and meet with Israeli leaders, including President Isaac Herzog. 

The participants will also receive briefings from the GPO and Israeli journalists, listen to testimonies by Israeli first responders from Magen David Adom and the volunteer ZAKA organization, as well as visit Hostage Square in Tel Aviv and meet with some of the families there.

An additional part of the trip will be traveling to Samaria, where the participants will be able to experience Israel’s biblical heartland, visit Hayovel, Shilo and the red heifers, Mount of Blessings etc. 

During this portion of the trip, designed to help the tour group understand the different people of Israel's society, members will meet with representatives of Israel’s Bedouin community who also serve as IDF soldiers, and get to experience an authentic Israeli Shabbat. 

Attendees will also receive first-hand briefings by the GPO, and meet with local journalists, providing valuable perspectives on the current situation in Israel and the geopolitical landscape. 

In addition, participants will have the chance to contribute to humanitarian efforts by donating blood and visiting an underground hospital, offering a deeper understanding of Israel's commitment to preparedness and resilience in the face of adversity. 

Troy Miller, President of the NRB, said it is time for Christians to stand with Israel. 

“During my recent trip to Israel, I witnessed firsthand the devastation of the horrific attack on October 7 and the resilience of the Israeli people. It is imperative that we stand in solidarity with them,” Miller stated. “There has never been a more opportune time for us as Christians to live out the Gospel. This is the time for Christians to take action to support, pray, and help rebuild the devastated communities of Israel.” 

Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast Director Albert Veksler, explained why JPB supports the trip.  

“As we gather for the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast, it is essential that we not only pray for Israel but also take tangible steps to demonstrate our solidarity,” Veksler said. “This mission provides a unique opportunity for individuals to engage directly with Israeli officials, gain insights into the challenges facing the nation, and stand in unity with the Israeli people."

Rabbi Tuly Weisz, founder of Israel365 and, and a co-organizer of the trip, shared his perspective on why this mission is vital. 

"We are aiming to bridge the gap between Jews and Christians, finding more that unites us than divides us,” Weisz said. "Over the centuries, there has been so much misunderstanding, and we believe that this is the time to stand together, to say, 'Never again is Now,' and to work hand in hand towards a future where shared hopes, values, and common goals lead us to a deeper understanding and partnership.” 

Marnix van Ede, Director of Partnerships at Keshet Journeys, which seeks to connect Christians with the land of the Bible, highlighted the significance of the Fact Finding & Solidarity Mission: "This mission offers a distinctive opportunity to stand in solidarity with the Israeli people during challenging times,” van Ede said. “By shedding light on the resilience and fortitude of Israel's communities, we aim to inspire individuals worldwide to deepen their understanding and support for Israel.” 

“Physically coming to Israel at this crucial juncture to express solidarity with Israel and the Jewish people represents genuine and profound support” he shared. “This mission provides a platform to connect, learn, and strengthen our collective voice in support of Israel. We extend our gratitude to Troy Miller for spearheading this effort to fortify the ties with the Nation of Israel.” 

The All Israel News Staff is a team of journalists in Israel.

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