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New gas field discovery officially recognized by Israeli government

An Israeli Sa'ar Class 4.5 missile boat guards the Energean floating production, storage and offloading vessel at the Karish gas field, in footage published by the military on July 2, 2022. (Israel Defense Forces)

The State of Israel on Wednesday officially recognized the discovery of a new gas field, which has been labeled “Katlan” (Hebrew for “orca”). Located off Israel’s Mediterranean coast, the Katlan gas field holds an estimated 68 billion cubic meters (2.4 trillion cubic feet) of natural gas.

The announcement regarding the gas field’s discovery was made by the company Energean and the Israeli Ministry of Energy.

Energean, a London-based energy company specializing in the production of natural gas, currently operates two large gas fields off of Israel’s coast. These Energean-operated fields are called “Karish” and “Tanin,” with the Karish field beginning production in the fall of 2022. In February, Israel announced it would begin exporting crude oil to Europe via the Karish gas field. 

Energean noted that the official state recognition of the Katlan gas field will allow the company to continue the process for putting the gas field into production.

“The announcement and official recognition of a discovery permits Energean to submit an application for a deed of possession; to submit a development plan, and with Israeli government approval, begin development as a producing gas field,” according to a statement from Energean.

Israeli Energy Minister Israel Katz indicated that the discovery of the gas field may not be the last. He also emphasized that the search for additional gas fields is a key component of the Jewish state’s pursuit of a secure energy future for Israel.

“There is potential for additional discoveries in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea,” Katz stated. “The office under my leadership will continue to develop the natural gas reserves that are in our territory and to promote the exploration & discovery of additional natural gas reserves for the sake of the energy security of the State of Israel and for ensuring a reliable, clean and affordable Israeli energy economy."

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