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Montana Veterans Association hosts Jerusalem event for Israeli startups and entrepreneurs

Business luncheon provides new opportunities for networking and collaboration

Flycomm executives presenting their cellular tower technology to a CEO Roundtable from the Montana Veterans Association.

The Montana Veterans Association (MVA) brought together veterans and Israeli startups for a business luncheon in Jerusalem on Monday, providing a platform for veterans to connect with innovative Israeli entrepreneurs, share insights and explore collaborative opportunities.

Eran Amos, CFO of Sky and Space Global (SAS), a cutting-edge aerospace corporation presented the company’s groundbreaking technological innovations to a group of MVA and U.S. state representatives. During a private presentation, Amos shared their recent advancement in satellite communications.

“SAS is the solution for basic connections,” said Amos. “What we do is provide communications infrastructure and services based on nanosatellite systems. We are solving the global narrowband connectivity problem for rural areas with the advancement of nanosatellite technology.”

Founded by former Israel Air Force Lt.-Col (res.) Meir Moalem, SAS has won many awards for its work in the satellite and communication field, including the Israel National Security Award.

MVA representatives have recognized the potential synergy between the expertise of Israeli startups and entrepreneurial military veterans.

The event also introduced participants to new opportunities for networking and collaboration, providing a platform to share resources including mentorship programs, options for funding and access to cutting-edge Israel technology.

Sam Redfern of Montana Veterans Assocation chats with leaders and fromer veterns from Flycomm

MVA President and Founder Samuel Redfern commented on the significance of the event.

"We are proud to have hosted this CEO round table luncheon, which not only connects American veterans and representatives with Israeli startups led by IDF Veterans but also paves the way for enhanced resources and opportunities for our veteran entrepreneurs. It's all about supporting our heroes in their transition to successful business leaders."

Cait Corrigan, an ambassador for Veterans for America First, said she was intrigued by the business opportunities between Israel and the U.S. veteran community.

"My biggest takeaway is that Israeli entrepreneurs and business owners are excited to do business with America. It is crucial for our economy to be strong by engaging in business deals with nations that are our allies, rather than enemies, such as China,” said Corrigan.

“The business owners we met with serve as an inspiration for veterans across the world, that they, too, can be successful entrepreneurs post-serving their country.”

The Montana Veterans Association is a non-profit group dedicated to supporting veterans in Montana with a variety of programs and initiatives. The organization is committed to creating a vibrant ecosystem where veterans can thrive as successful business leaders. Click here for more information.

Abigail Maki is a former professor, freelance journalist and press consultant based in the US.

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