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Joel Rosenberg to NRB: Here's why I launched two Middle East news networks

If ever there was a time for honest reporting from the Middle East it is now, Rosenberg says

The National Religious Broadcasters published an article on Wednesday about the two sister websites — All Israel News and All Arab News — launched by New York Times best-selling author Joel Rosenberg just three months ago.

Editor-in-Chief of both sites, Rosenberg said he was driven by his faith and his love for the region — both Israel and her neighbors — to provide exclusive, honest and unbiased news from the epicenter of the world.

And if ever there was a time to do so, it is now. The Abraham Accords were signed by Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain on Sept. 15 in Washington, just 15 days after both websites were launched. Rosenberg reported live from the event.

“We are witnessing the most exciting and positive development in the area of Arab-Israeli peace in an entire generation,” said Rosenberg. “We have not seen any Arab-Israeli peace treaty in more than 25 years, until now.”

And yet, mainstream media outlets have seemingly missed the significance of this decision or have simply refused to cover it to the extent that it merits.

“Some of the biggest stories in this region are happening, and some of the biggest news outlets in America don't care or are actively trying to suppress good news,” said Rosenberg. “So, for us, the last few months have vindicated our rationale for existing.”

Rosenberg explains that for Israel, this is a game changer in terms of security and economic opportunities as well as for the Gulf states and any other Muslim country that will join, as Sudan did in October.

Rosenberg also wants to share good news about what the Lord is doing in the region.

“I'm driven by my love for Christ and my love for Israel and my love for Israel's neighbors,” he said. “Now, not every Evangelical who loves Jesus and loves Israel necessarily thinks about Israel's neighbors, but of course, Jesus commanded us not only to think about them but to also love them.”

His mission through the two news outlets is to educate, to encourage and to warn the church.

“News in the Middle East affects America and affects Christians around the world,” Rosenberg said. “Mainstream media is doing a lousy job covering it, and that's why we need to cover it.”

Rather than get angry, he took action.

He also explained why he created two different sites, each one with a different aim in mind.

For All Israel News, “he believed a site with original coverage, polling, analyses, and interviews could give their audience fair and balanced news. By writing unbiased content and linking stories of other credible outlets from the region, Rosenberg said that All Israel News was created to be a one-stop shop for evangelicals and others to understand current issues.”

All Arab News has a different objective: “[All Arab News] is somewhat of a safe place for Arab leaders and citizens to be able to tweet it out or to put it on social media, Facebook, or wherever as an All Arab link,” Rosenberg told NRB.

All Israel News and All Arab News are comprised of a diverse staff.

“I want to point out here what's been fun about starting these sites, as of Sept. 1, is having a team of young Israelis, Palestinians, and Lebanese evangelicals working with me,” Rosenberg said. “So, while we all share the same faith, we share very different geography and angles on what's happening.”

Rosenberg is frequently a speaker at NRB conferences.

The All Israel News Staff is a team of journalists in Israel.

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