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Jabaliya continues remains a hotspot in Gaza war as IDF renews operations to prevent Hamas buildup

Op involves units with combat experience conducting intelligence-based maneuvers

IDF soldiers fighting in the Gaza Strip, May 2024. (Photo: IDF)

Over the past few days, IDF troops have expanded their operational activity in the eastern part of Jabaliya, in Gaza's northern region.

IDF troops in Jabaliya have encountered some of the most intense combat since the ground campaign began last year, as the IDF continues its effort to prevent a Hamas buildup in the important northern Gaza city. 

Previously, Israeli military forces were limited by a large civilian presence in Jabaliya, as many residents did not evacuate when they were instructed to, which prevented the IDF from reaching certain targets.

Returning to Jabaliya once again, following the operational pause earlier this year, the IDF has had greater success due to the close cooperation of military intelligence and Shin Bet, Israel's security agency, as well as the integration of special units into the 98th Division fighting there. 

This tight intelligence and operations cooperation has led to the destruction of several significant Hamas targets, including actively used tunnels, as well as the recovery of the bodies of several hostages murdered on Oct. 7. 

A recent example of an intel-based operation was the IDF's elimination of Hamas' Beit Hanoun Battalion Commander Hussein Fiad, who was killed in fighting in an underground compound in Jabaliya.

Fiad was reportedly responsible for directing many attacks against Israeli territory using anti-tank missiles during the Gaza War, as well as directing mortar launches at Israeli communities bordering northern Gaza. 

Hamas Beit Hanoun Battalion Commander Hussein Fiad

Another example is the recent recovery of several bodies of murdered hostages from the Oct. 7 invasion and terror attack. That operation was a joint special operations maneuver based on combined military and Shin Bet intelligence.

IDF troops also located the bodies of four other hostages under a UNRWA building earlier this month.

The Israeli army's return to Jabaliya reportedly involves units with high combat experience who are conducting much more focused maneuvers based on intelligence, rather than large units looking for signs of Hamas presence or infrastructure.

During recent activity, troops from the IDF's 7th Armored Brigade eliminated several terrorists in close-combat fighting and located large amounts of weaponry, including Kalashnikov rifles, mortar shells, explosives, and additional military equipment. 

Furthermore, soldiers from the 460th Brigade located and dismantled an explosives manufacturing facility and a number of tunnel shafts, eliminated several terrorists and dismantled dozens of weapons and terror infrastructure in the city. 

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) struck a launch site in Jabaliya that had been used for launching attacks on the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon throughout the war.

At the same time, troops from the 99th Division continued operating in central Gaza, eliminating several terrorists with tank fire and in direct encounters. 

Over the past day, IAF aircraft and fighter jets struck and dismantled over 75 terror targets throughout the Gaza Strip, including weapons storage facilities, terrorist cells, rocket launchers, military structures, observation posts and additional terrorist infrastructure. 

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