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Israeli foreign minister urges Serbia to condemn Iranian terrorism

Defense minister expresses similar sentiments during visit to Azerbaijan

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen meets with Serbian President Aleksander Vučić in Belgrade, July 12, 2023 (Photo: Eli Cohen/Twitter)

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen became the first Israeli top diplomat to visit Serbia in 14 years. He met with Serbian President Aleksander Vučić in the capital Belgrade on Wednesday. 

Cohen shared a vision of improved bilateral ties between the two countries. 

“After three years of political stagnation, today we start a new page in relations between Israel and Serbia,” said the Israeli foreign minister. 

“Serbia is a very significant country in the Balkans and a supporter of Israel,” he added. The Jewish state’s top diplomat also praised the Serbian leader for “his commitment to Israel" and for his "recording and teaching the traumatic memory of the Holocaust.” 

Cohen urged Vučić to condemn the Iranian regime as a terror-sponsoring entity, stressing that Iran constitutes a global threat and, therefore, requires a united global response. 

“Only a joint struggle against Iran will bring results and prevent it from continuing to undermine regional stability,” concluded Cohen. 

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant expressed similar sentiments during his trip to Azerbaijan. 

“I will present to the Azerbaijanis, in an accurate manner, the global danger of military nuclear weapons in the hands of Iran. I will detail to them the dangerous actions that Iran is doing within the borders of Israel... and throughout the Middle East,” Gallant said

Azerbaijani security recently arrested an Afghan national who reportedly was plotting a terror attack against the nation's Israeli embassy. The suspect is believed to have cooperated with a third country, most likely Iran. 

In June, Ukraine's chief of staff, Andriy Yermak, said that the Jewish state was the only nation capable of delivering the technology necessary to protect Ukraine against Iranian drones.

“Nobody but Israel can provide equipment to combat attacks by Iranian drones,” said Yermak.

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