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Israeli company develops 'life-saving' nasal spray effective against COVID-19

New product kills 99.9 % of all viruses in two minutes

Dr. Gilly Regev, CEO of SaNOtize, demonstrates use of the company's nasal spray treatment for COVID-19 (Photo: screenshot)

The Ministry of Health has given the green light for an Israeli company to produce an anti-viral nasal spray that is effective against the coronavirus.

SaNOtize has reportedly started production in Israel of Enovid which has been approved for use for individuals 12 and up. The anti-viral nasal spray is reported to be effective within two minutes and could prevent COVID-19 and protect those susceptible to the harmful effects of the virus.

SaNOtize is the brainchild of its Israeli-Canadian co-founder Dr. Gilly Regev and the company is based in Vancouver, Canada. However, the production is taking place in the Israeli town of Ness Ziona outside Tel Aviv. The company’s goal is to produce a stock of 200,000 to 500,000 bottles by May. 

Regev, who is a graduate of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, was optimistic that production would soon increase dramatically and even bring much needed employment opportunities to the Jewish state. 

“After this we’re hoping to get to capacity of a million bottles a month. I hope this product will bring pride and jobs to Israel,” she said 

In order to illustrate how the anti-viral nasal spray works, Regev called it a “hand sanitizer equivalent for the nose.” In practice, the nasal spray, which contains nitric oxide, blocks the path and kills viruses from entering the body. 

Regev expressed confidence in a widespread global application of the new Enovid nasal spray. 

“We are hoping that our nasal spray will now save many lives of people in countries that are waiting for the vaccine This will be affordable and can be used for prevention, to protect from any respiratory viral infection,” she said.

While there have been concerns that the new more contagious variants of corona would render the vaccines less efficient, Regev believes that her anti-viral nasal spray can handle any challenge stemming from different viruses mutations. 

“It contains a broad spectrum antiviral which kills all viruses and all variants,” she said. 

Israel became the first country to approve sales of the nose spray. Sales have also been approved in New Zealand and other countries like the United Kingdom are reportedly seeking governmental approval for the product. 

SaNOtize is currently running clinical trials in the United Kingdom in collaboration with local hospitals. Last week, Ashford and St. Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in Surrey announced that results of clinical trials showed that the nose spray could indeed prevent the transmission of COVID-19. The results also indicated that the spray could reduce the severity of symptoms and damage of those already infected. 

Apart from making international headlines with its efficient vaccination program, tiny Israel’s role in combating COVID-19 extends beyond the new anti-viral nasal spray that has now entered production. In February, researchers at Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital announced promising results in preliminary trials for a potential Israeli COVID-19 cure that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu labeled a potential “miracle drug.” 

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