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Defense Ministry archaeologists discover 'rare' ancient stonemason’s shop outside Jerusalem

The Holy Land is an archaeological treasure trove with sites of universal significance

Stoneware found at an ancient stonemasonry workshop discovered during work to a highway in the West Bank near Jerusalem. (Photo: Civil Administration)

A team of archaeologists from Israel's Ministry of Defense announced the discovery of an ancient stonemason’s shop outside the Israeli capital Jerusalem.

The site is reportedly dated to the Second Temple period (586 B.C. to 70 A.D.) and was discovered by accident, during the expansion of a highway outside of Jerusalem.

The site is geographically located close to the Jewish community of Adam and the Palestinian town of Hizma in Judea, also known as the West Bank.

Archaeologists described the find as “a historic and rare discovery” with the dig area indicating “an entire production center” for stoneware.

Benny Har-Even, the head of the Civil Administration’s Archaeology Unit, described the site as “part of the treasures and culture of the area.”

“It is a great honor to carry out these digs and to discover an ancient and rich world beneath the earth,” Har-Even said.

“We can all know and get a glimpse of a life full of culture and prestige that that area knew for many generations,” he added.

The Holy Land is an archaeological treasure trove with sites of universal significance.

In September, archaeologists discovered more steps at the Pool of Siloam in the City of David in Jerusalem.

The site is important to Christianity as it is considered to be the location where Jesus is believed to have healed a blind man after instructing him to wash in the pool, according to the Gospel of John.

King Hezekiah ordered the construction of the pool, which served as a crucial water supply for Jerusalem during times of siege.

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