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Israel reveals how Hezbollah methodically uses ambulances for terror activity

Alleged Israeli strikes target Hezbollah sites near Syrian capital Damascus

Ambulance used by Hezbollah (Photo: IDF Spokesperson Unit)

The Lebanese terror organization Hezbollah regularly uses the ambulances of an affiliated rescue service for terror purposes, IDF Arabic Spokesman Lt.-Col. Avichay Adraee revealed on Tuesday.

According to a post he published on 𝕏, Hezbollah, as well as its allied Shiite movement Amal, have used ambulances of the “Islamic Health Authority” rescue service to transport terrorists without them being seen by Israeli forces, as well as to transfer weapons or other equipment.

Adraee wrote that the IDF collected intelligence about a yellow ambulance in Kafr Kila in southern Lebanon. The ambulance is operated by a family of known Hezbollah supporters in the village.

After analyzing the movement pattern of the ambulance, it became clear that it was driven between Hezbollah sites after they were bombed, even in cases where there was no need to evacuate the wounded, and also long after the bombing took place.

Furthermore, two men who were operating the ambulance in Kafr Kila were officially identified by Hezbollah as its operatives after they were eliminated in IDF strikes.

In another case, a man who was killed by an IDF attack in the village of Baraashit was seen in a photograph armed and dressed in the uniform of the Amal movement. He was later announced to be an employee of the same rescue service.

“Hezbollah uses ambulances in southern Lebanon to carry out terrorist activities and uses medical organizations as a cover for them,” Adraee emphasized.

The near-daily border skirmishes started by Hezbollah in support of Hamas terrorists in Gaza continued over the last few days but at a somewhat decreased intensity, following last week's massive fire exchanges.

Still, the amount of rockets and drones launched at Israel remains high and rises far above the number of projectiles launched from the Gaza Strip in recent months.

On Monday, Hezbollah forces claimed responsibility for six attacks against Israel using high-trajectory fire, including several rockets launched toward the areas of Yiftach and Manara, according to the Alma Research Center.

In response, the IDF struck several military compounds and observation posts of Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, including in the areas of Mais al-Jabal, al-Adisa, and Kafr Kila.

The IDF also eliminated a Hezbollah terrorist who was spotted at an observation post in southern Lebanon’s Marwahin.

On Sunday Hezbollah claimed responsibility for seven attacks, including rockets fired at Hanita, Mattat and Malkiya, in addition to a drone that crossed into Israeli territory in the Upper Galilee region.

The IDF struck several Hezbollah sites in southern Lebanon in response.

Reports also indicated that Israel struck Hezbollah sites in Syria during the night between Monday and Tuesday.

The strikes targeted weapons warehouses of Hezbollah near the capital Damascus, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated, saying that the strike on weapons and ammunition resulted in secondary explosions and fires.

This attack follows similar reports from two days earlier, when Syrian outlets claimed an Israeli airstrike hit military sites in northeast Damascus early on Sunday morning.

“This area, between Nasiriyah military air base and Al-Marah, has several military sites. Videos published in social media accounts show some of the bunkers in the base near Al-Marah exploded and caught fire. Secondary explosions were also visible,” according to the Alma Research Center.

“The bunker base near Al-Marah is located close to the route of the Iranian land corridor in Syria. It is unclear whether other targets in the region were attacked.”

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