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Israel kills 3 Iranian terrorists assisting Hezbollah in Lebanon, Iranian advisor killed in alleged Israeli strike in Syria

Netanyahu: We are striking Hezbollah and Iran’s senior commanders

A building allegedly struck by Israel near the Syrian cityof Banias on Mar. 1, 2024 (Photo: Screenshot)

Israel continued its intensive campaign of targeted eliminations in Lebanon and, allegedly, in Syria over the last weekend, while also destroying several terror targets of Hezbollah in southern Lebanon.

Syrian opposition forces reported an attack on a building that was housing Iranian operatives in the coastal city of Banias on Friday, killing three Iranians. The town is located in northwest Syria, hundreds of kilometers north of Israel.

Iran later officially confirmed that a military advisor of its Revolutionary Guard Corps in Syria, Reza Zaraei, was killed in an airstrike that it attributed to Israel.

On Friday morning, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) struck a vehicle traveling near the town of Nakoura, close to the border and the Israeli coastal town of Rosh Hanikra.

The three operatives killed in the vehicle belonged to the Iranian “Imam Hussein Division,” a militia normally based in Syria that has been actively helping Hezbollah carry out terror attacks against Israel.

According to Israel Defense Forces, the squad had launched a rocket attack against Israel.

The targeted eliminations came shortly after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated his commitment to fight Hezbollah and Iran

“We are taking strong action against our enemies on all fronts,” Netanyahu said in a statement to the nation on Thursday.

“In the north, we are striking Hezbollah, eliminating its and Iran’s senior commanders in our region and preventing them from carrying out their murderous designs.”

Following the strike in Nakoura and several more waves of Israeli airstrikes in southern Lebanon over the last 48 hours, Hezbollah announced the deaths of 7 of its terrorists on Saturday alone.

Over the past week, the terror group published 17 announcements, bringing its death toll since last October to 299.

On Saturday, IAF fighter jets attacked the infrastructure of Hezbollah terrorists in the Labouna region and during the night, destroyed another two military structures in the Bleida region.

The day before, Israeli airstrikes targeted buildings in the regions of Jabal Balat and Ayta al-Sha’ab.

Hezbollah on Friday fired at the areas of Margaliot, Ghajar, Zar’it and Arab al-Aramashe, among others.

On Friday, the group “Lobby 1701” released its statistics compiling the Hezbollah attacks against Israel over the last month.

According to its report, around 570 Israeli houses were hit by rocket fire during February. In addition, 91 precision missiles, 668 long-range missiles, and 21 heavy missiles were fired at Israeli territory and there were 40 attempts to penetrate Israeli airspace by drones.

One Israeli was killed and 16 were injured as a result of the fire from Lebanon.

“These are unprecedented numbers that illustrate the difficult reality in which the State of Israel has decided, for the time being, to give up settlement in the north and turn an entire region into a security zone,” Lobby 1701 said in a statement.

“Lobby 1701 is a civil, non-partisan organization of northern residents from the right and the left who work together for one goal - the return of security and the structure of life to the north. The lobby will work in every way to ensure the settlement in the north with welfare, growth and security. We see this goal as the real war for the home from which we were uprooted.”

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