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Israel has 4th strongest military, earns a top 10 ranking for most powerful nation, according to US News

Israel is one of the world’s 10 most powerful, politically influential, and militarily strong nations, according to a 2022 report published by US News & World Report.

Israel ranked No. 10 in the list of most powerful nations, defined as those which “consistently dominate news headlines, preoccupy policymakers and shape global economic patterns.” The top winners were the United States, China and Russia.

The Jewish state earned its highest number ranking for its military, placing fourth behind Russia, the U.S. and China in that order.

Israel was rated No. 6 in the world for political influence, and was found to have among the highest ranking for “Strongest International Alliances.”

Out of 85 nations listed, Israel ranked No. 37 best country in the world, falling several places compared to its 2021 ranking, No. 30 out of 78 nations.

US News called Israel “the only Jewish nation in the world,” adding that it plays a large role in global affairs, despite its relatively small size.

“The country has a strong economy, landmarks of significance to several religions, and strained relationships with many of its Arab neighbors.”

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