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Is the world suddenly spinning out of control?

A sign displayed over an Istanbul bookshop (Photo: Social media)

Within the span of three weeks, we have seen a brutal, savage terror group invade a sovereign, democratic country, execute a barbaric attack on 1,400 unsuspecting IDF soldiers and innocent civilians, carry off more than 230 hostages into captivity and the spontaneous combustion of global antisemitism ignited as if dry timbers in a forest had been set ablaze after being doused with buckets of fuel.

In short, it feels as if the world is spinning out of control and carrying us off into an abyss of total darkness. To illustrate that point, it’s not every night that, while you’re watching the evening news, you witness a plane, carrying Jews from Israel, land into a country, where an angry mob is waiting for them to disembark in order to pull off a modern-day lynching. But that’s exactly what just happened.

Right before our eyes, we have watched, in real time, Jews being hunted down at the Dagestan airport like animals. It’s as if all hell has broken loose and everyone has lost their mind all at once.

These have been the sights and sounds which have catapulted humanity into a new reality of terror, violence and hatred against the Jewish people and the Jewish nation in just 21 short days. How is this happening, and who is behind it? 

The Republic of Dagestan, situated in the North Caucasus of Eastern Europe by the Caspian Sea, shares a border with Azerbaijan and Georgia. it is said to have an overwhelmingly Sunni Muslim-population, but why did this angry crowd storm the airport after hearing that a plane from Tel Aviv was about to land? 

According to one account, this particular mob, searching for Jews, was said to have been “largely made up of Palestinian expats.”

Seeing what was happening, the plane was then diverted to a different airport, where mobs were also awaiting the arrivals. It is obvious that someone tipped them off to the fact that a plane carrying Jews had just made its way from Israel. The passengers, who were about to be confronted by Hamas counterparts, chanting “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) were unwitting victims, who could have easily been at the mercy of enraged lunatics who hoped to get their chance to continue the unfinished work of the Hamas terrorists in Gaza who lost their opportunity to kill a few more.

Speculation is that these young men were from the same group that Putin has attempted to recruit as front-line fighters in his own war against Ukraine. What we do know is that many of them are devout Muslim youth, and if they have to die, prefer that it be in a holy war rather than in a fight against Ukraine, as they hold no sympathies for Russia. 

Entrenched in poverty and having a street-fight mentality, it’s not out of character for them to have unleashed their fury on a plane filled with unsuspecting travelers who were said to be attempting to find a safer, calmer venue as they sought to escape the constant sirens warning of an incoming rocket attack – from which almost all of Israel is suffering. 

Little did those travelers know that their planned escape route would be riddled with even more peril, as they were met by an enraged mob seeking to spill the blood of Jews.

It probably wasn’t until these images appeared on our screens that most people had ever even heard of the Republic of Dagestan, but it’s likely that this may not be the last time we hear its name.

This country is said to be the birthplace of notorious Islamic fighter Imam Shamil, hailed as a hero, with many streets bearing his name, as he rebelled against Russian rule during the 19th century for more than two decades.  

Today, it is a boiling cauldron of insurgency with a mixture of violence, corruption and the goal of worldwide jihadism. Although presently under the rule of a Russian lawmaker named Magomedsalam Magomedov, he has been unsuccessful in keeping the calm by his efforts to introduce reforms, but Dagestan is overrun with armed warlords, where torture and barbarism have a field day.   

For now, a number of completely different accounts are swirling around as to what caused this to take place – everything from this being one of many incidents where Russia is displaying a “culture of hostility toward other countries” – to blaming it on a prevalent atmosphere where anti-Semitism is now a common occurrence, expressed by both Putin and others in his political sphere. Yet, others say it was related to an incident that occurred a few days ago, connected to another protest with an estimated 500 participants who “demanded the removal of Israelis” at a particular city hotel, asserting that Jews were not allowed there.

This follows on the heels of another very recent troubling story that showed a sign displayed over an Istanbul bookshop which read, “Jews not allowed.”

So, can anyone be blamed for feeling as if the world has suddenly spun out of control? It’s almost as if we’ve been catapulted back to the late 1930s, in a pre-Holocaust moment where the handwriting of the fate of Jews is on the wall. No longer welcome in shops, cities or airports, it’s all come at the speed of lightning, making it nearly impossible to recognize the world that, even with all of its many problems, was up until a few weeks ago, still the place where a modicum of calm was present. 

Now, we’re at a point where the first thing you do when waking up in the morning, is to check your phone to see what else has blown up overnight. To say it’s unsettling is a great understatement. But, without a doubt, the most disturbing factor in all of this sudden anarchy and loss of sanity is that it’s all directed at one population and one nation, and that rage against the Jews and Israel is spreading faster than any of us can keep track.  

Is this the future of travel? Will planes from Tel Aviv be stalked at airports by Jew haters?

All of this leads to the conclusion that there is something beyond the natural taking place. For those who believe in an ongoing battle of good vs. evil, these rapidly-moving incidents are just further evidence of these powers playing out, headed towards one more final solution attempt. 

So, isn’t it comforting to know that God is on our side, protecting His beloved land from extinction, because His promise to us is that we would never cease being a nation before Him! (Jeremiah 31:36).

And that is our greatest hope through all of the madness and uncertainty!


A former Jerusalem elementary and middle-school principal and the granddaughter of European Jews who arrived in the US before the Holocaust. Making Aliyah in 1993, she is retired and now lives in the center of the country with her husband.

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