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Is it true that most Christians support a two-state solution even after Oct. 7?

Supporters of Israel attend a rally calling for the release of people held kidnapped by Hamas terrorists and in support of the state of Israel, at the National Mall in Washington, D.C., November 14, 2023. (Photo: Shay Shohat/Flash90)

Any Jewish Israeli who saw the recent Jerusalem Post headline, which revealed that a whopping 81% of U.S. Christians support a two-state solution, would probably be in shock at the thought that even loyal Christian friends and supporters have now turned on the Jewish homeland. 

Yet, the statistic, although true, merely reflected 81% of a group of 1,200 individuals who participated in a poll conducted by Lifeway Research, on behalf of the Philos Project. 

But those polls, even with their small numbers, are intended to indicate a trend, which would be a fairly accurate representation of the population at large. So, if that’s true, is it possible that, in light of all that’s happened over the past three months, most Christians truly believe that a two-state solution still is a viable option that should be explored and implemented?

Well, for one thing, those who responded are members of the Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox Christian faith, whose opinions are vastly different from most Evangelicals, who know that a two-state solution is neither biblical nor realistic. The reason they know that is because so many of them frequently visit, have made friends here, who have educated them as to the real facts on the ground, and, finally, they have figured out that the sentiments being expressed by pro-Palestinian groups, these days, do not aspire to a solution of two states living side-by-side in peace. 

Unfortunately, often these polls rely upon people who know virtually nothing about a particular subject but, nonetheless, express an opinion that is neither based on knowledge, experience or crucial information. We’ve seen this with many young Palestinian protesters who, despite their carrying signs that say, “From the river to the sea,” can’t tell you which river or which sea. 

But there’s a big difference between Palestinian leaders who want one state that is Jew-free and Christians who are supposed to agree with the scriptures that govern their faith. What Bible-believing Christian is naïve enough to believe that we still live in an October 6th  reality. Haven’t they, just as Israelis, heard the threats of the Palestinian Hamas government which intends to continue perpetrating the same attacks over and over again, determined never to give up.

And while terrorists, at the moment, are not trying to parachute their way into Israeli territory, what about the hostile aircraft which is still infiltrating our airspace on nearly a daily basis? 

Most of these come from Lebanon and are intercepted by our air defense systems, but these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, pose real danger, because they can “drop hand grenades, mortar shells or other improvised explosive munitions directly above targets. Payloads could include explosives, shrapnel, chemical, radiological or biological hazards.” 

Yet, despite our precarious situation, 53% of those polled expressed that they wanted an immediate ceasefire. Right there, the blistering ignorance of these particular Christians, who believe that a ceasefire is the correct course of action to take, display a level of cluelessness that is remarkable. Because an immediate ceasefire would only serve to ensure a repeat of Oct. 7 events take place yet again. How many dead, tortured and kidnapped Jews will it take before the world sees that the appeasement of evil is not the way to go?

It is incumbent upon Christians, of all stripes, to comprehend that they are the next victims in the global cleansing agenda of the “infidels,” (code for non-Muslims). The depth of unawareness, among 81% of participants in this survey, is mind-blowing when considering the very transparent threats of jihadists, who have expressed their intention of carrying out massive terror threats both in America and throughout Europe. 

Given the fact that Jews abroad only make up a tiny fraction of the population at large, doesn’t it stand to reason that most victims of such terror attacks would be Christians and other non-Jews?

Oddly enough, “more than half of respondents (53%) want to see Hamas subdued by the war.” How is that supposed to happen if a ceasefire keeps them intact, with the ability to rebuild, regroup and re-arm? None of this makes any sense. And here’s the reason why.

The term “negotiations” is being offered as the path to find a solution for Gaza, the day after the war ends. The problem is that “negotiations” is very much a Western method of working through difficult issues. It is NOT, however, a strategy that is valued, utilized or appreciated by barbaric terrorists whose goal is the annihilation of the Jewish people. 

A large part of the ignorance, which is seen amongst Americans and Europeans, is their refusal to accept that this war, being waged against us and them, is based on a complete disdain and rejection of all things Western. That includes our way of life, our customs, our faith, our culture and, especially, our desire to live in peace with our neighbors. 

Negotiations represent a willingness to compromise, to grant respect to each side, and to find amicable solutions that allow for two populations to co-exist. Does anyone think that savage butchers, who rejoice over the massacre of innocent babies, children and families, are able to sit in a room and come to a civilized and courteous conclusion of how these two people, who share no common values or morals, can live together without fear of another Oct. 7 occurring when we least expect it?

It is obvious that the 1200 individuals who were polled also have a stunning lack of scriptural understanding when it comes to Israel and, therefore, do NOT represent Bible-believing Christians who believe what is written, because it’s not that complicated. 

God was very clear when speaking about Abraham’s two sons, Isaac and Ishmael. It was only with Isaac that His everlasting covenant would be established for his descendants after him. Ishmael would also become a great nation, but not in the same place (Gen. 17:18-21). Ishmael would live to the east of all his brothers (Gen. 16:12). Likewise, Esau, Isaac’s son, who did not inherit the promise, ended up living in Edom which today is Jordan. 

There truly was a two-state plan for the sons of Abraham, but not equal halves of the same country. It’s two separate nations for two separate people with different destinies.

And that’s something 100% of all Christians need to understand!

A former Jerusalem elementary and middle-school principal and the granddaughter of European Jews who arrived in the US before the Holocaust. Making Aliyah in 1993, she is retired and now lives in the center of the country with her husband.

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