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Is ISIS making a comeback? Middle East fears the terror organization is surging again

However, Joel Rosenberg, editor-in-chief of ALL ISRAEL NEWS, tells FOX News that Iran is still the bigger concern for the region

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Concern is growing throughout the Middle East that the Islamic State is making a comeback following the 2019 destruction of its caliphate. A number of attacks, increasing in both strength and numbers, has caused Iraqis and Syrians to live in “constant fear” of a possible ISIS resurgence.

Editor-in-Chief of ALL ISRAEL NEWS, Joel Rosenberg, told Shannon Bream of FOX News that ISIS emerged from a vacuum after former President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden pulled American forces out of the region.

And now Biden faces the same threat as president.

“That was a mistake. All Republicans were telling them that,” Rosenberg said. "And now this is the test; how will Biden focus on making sure ISIS doesn't lead to genocide all over again?”

Rosenberg explained that this possible resurgence of the terror group is a real early-term test for the Biden administration.

“ISIS is a monstrous evil – a blood-thirsty enemy,” said Rosenberg. “Under the Islamic State during the caliphate, you had actual genocide going on, in which ISIS forces were slaughtering Christians and Yazidis and other religious minorities and actually Muslims were dying in the largest numbers.”

U.S. and Iraqi counterparts are reportedly going to discuss the continued presence of U.S. forces in the region and what they hope to achieve – primarily stopping ISIS from coming back to power. And many are wondering what U.S. Middle East policy will look like under a Biden administration.

Iraqi analyst, Sajad Jiyad, believes that Biden should clearly define what he hopes to achieve and the timeframe.

“U.S. counter-ISIS policy has to be supporting local forces rather than directly engaging ISIS,” Jiyad told Al Jazeera, in an article quoted by Bream during the interview. “It has been doing this well in Iraq and other areas, but this policy should have defined end goals so that it is not a forever involvement and steps up the capacity of national forces to be self-dependent.”

Rosenberg warned that the bigger issue, however, is the Iranian regime, which is enriching uranium in order to reach nuclear weapons-grade bombs.

“Biden wants to go back into the failed and, I would say, disastrous JCPOA – the Iran nuclear deal ­– and Iran is reading that as weakness,” Rosenberg said of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

“Nobody wants a war in the Middle East,” Rosenberg concluded, “but you have to have enough forces and enough relationship with the Iraqis and with other allies on the ground to make sure this thing doesn't get out of hand. That's the danger of getting your eye off the ball when it comes to counterterrorism.”

Watch the original FOX News video here.

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