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Iranian president says Israel cannot defend itself against its enemies

Israel has conducted hundreds of airstrikes on Iranian military targets in Syria in recent years

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi is welcomed upon arrival at Damascus airport, Syria, May 3, 2023. (Photo: REUTERS/Yamam al Shaar)

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi on Tuesday claimed the Jewish state “cannot defend itself” against its enemies due to “the new world order.”

"The Zionist entity cannot supply itself with security because the conditions are significantly different from the past," said Raisi.

"Today, it's clear to everyone that the Sharm al-Sheikh, Camp David and Oslo agreements cannot supply Israel with security. The Zionist entity knows very well that it can never clash with Iran," he stated.

In 2020, Israel normalized diplomatic relations with four Arab states under the historic U.S.-brokered Abraham Accords. Arab-Israeli ties in diplomacy, security, trade, tourism, culture and science have increased dramatically over the past two years. In addition, the Jewish state has strengthened its existing diplomatic ties with its neighbor, Egypt, an important regional power and the most populous country in the Arab world.

Despite the Iranian president’s recent statement, Israel and the Iranian regime have clashed directly and indirectly for many years.

The Israeli Air Force has conducted hundreds of strikes on Iranian military targets in Syria and beyond in its effort to prevent Tehran from establishing a military front on Israel’s northern border. Iran and its terrorist proxy allies have already suffered significant material and human losses because of the Israeli strikes.

In late 2022, Israel Defense Forces claimed it had neutralized 90% of Iran’s military assets in Syria. Israel has also conducted several successful covert operations against senior Iranian officials and nuclear sites in Iran. By contrast, the Iranian-coordinated rocket attacks against Israel from Lebanon and Gaza have so far caused minimal damage.

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