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INTERVIEW: ‘I thought I was in a horror movie’ – the harrowing account of a survivor of the Hamas massacre in Sderot

At least 70 Israelis were murdered in Sderot, one survivor tells his story

A survivor of the Hamas massacre in Sderot shares his story (Photo: Screenshot)

On the morning of Oct. 7, one of some 30,000 residents of the city of Sderot was alerted by his son that Hamas terrorists had invaded his city.

Unfortunately, shortly after leaving his house, he ran into a group of terrorists near the police station, which was later seized by Hamas.

The Hamas terrorists came after him, shooting and trying to kill him.

What followed sounds like a tale straight out of a Hollywood horror movie and gives a glimpse into the horrific nature of the massacre of Israeli civilians that Hamas committed.

As he attempted to escape: “A soldier ran up to me. She had a bullet hole in her face which scared me a lot… She wanted to say something but I couldn’t understand anything because she had been shot through her mouth," he said.

He continued to move forward when he discovered a group of dead civilians at a bus stop.

“We arrived at the library. And I saw, at the bus stop, that there were people hiding – huddled in a group. That is how I think they were shot. There were 6 or 7 people there.”

“I approached and asked if anyone was alive or not," he continued. "All my guts went up into to my throat and my tears were flowing so that I could hardly see anything. I was shocked. I thought I was in some kind of horror movie. I didn't understand what was happening,” he said, fighting back tears.

He later found a heavily injured man and tried to help him but he died in his arms. Another critically wounded man stumbled out of the car on the road near him and also died.

At least 50 civilians and 20 police officers were murdered by Hamas terrorists in Sderot that day.

Some 35 terrorists were found dead in the area of Sderot following the days-long battle to regain control of the city, which ended with Hamas completely destroying Sderot’s police station two days later.

Shortly after, the population of Sderot was ordered to evacuate the city for the duration of the war against Hamas.

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