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How the ICEJ has responded in Israel’s hour of need – prayer, aid, standing in solidarity with Israel

ICEJ says now is time to stand with Israel and show support

Israel rally in Prague, Czech Republic (Photo: ICEJ)

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem is no stranger to attacks against Israel.

In the 43 years the organization has been in Israel, standing in solidarity with the people of Israel, the nation has experienced several attacks against it, and has launched several military campaigns to defend itself.

The ICEJ has launched three projects to meet the needs of Israeli citizens during times of crisis – when terrorism, war, trauma or natural disasters strike.

Those projects are: The Bomb Shelter campaign; providing emergency aid and assistance in the midst of the crisis; and assistance for rebuilding lives and communities shattered by tragedies.

In the current situation, following the deadly massacres of Oct. 7, the ICEJ has been focused on providing relief aid to the families and communities directly affected by the tragic events.

They have provided housing, food, clothing and emergency aid, plus toys and activities for the children of the thousands of families who have been forced to evacuate the southern and northern borders communities.

ICEJ Relief Aid-Staff Packing food boxes in Rishon LeZion (Photo: ICEJ)

The ICEJ has joined with other organizations to provide food for elderly, new immigrants and needy families directly impacted by the war.

They have helped provide critical equipment for emergency medical services, including helmets and protective vests, and have helped fund the purchase of two new ambulances.

As part of the Bomb Shelter campaign, the ICEJ purchased eight new portable bomb shelters and are working to refurbish 20 already existing bomb shelters to make them usable.

Just as importantly, the organization is helping to pay for trauma counseling for the thousands of people who have been in shock and are still devastated by the barbaric terror attacks of Hamas on Oct 7.

Through its offices and partners across the globe, the ICEJ has also helped to organize rallies in support of Israel over 25 countries, including participating in the recent gathering in Geneva, Switzerland, demanding urgent action to free the hostages who were taken by Hamas and still being held captive in Gaza.

Israel rally in Helsinki, Finland (Photo: ICEJ)

“The ICEJ has called on Christians everywhere to support Israel’s right to self-defense and its just cause of defeating Hamas and freeing not only the 200-plus hostages in Gaza, but also freeing the Arab population of Gaza from the cruel grip of Hamas,” said ICEJ President Dr. Jürgen Bühler at the Geneva rally.

The ICEJ has organized a daily Global Prayer Gathering online for coordinating prayer efforts around the world, which includes daily updates on the situation. Register at this link to join the online gathering.

The All Israel News Staff is a team of journalists in Israel.

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