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Hezbollah rockets target Mount Meron, seriously damage winery in Upper Galilee

Israeli airstrikes target Iranian facility in eastern Syria overnight

View of the military base in Meron, northern Israel, February 27, 2024 (Photo: David Cohen/Flash90)

The Lebanese terror organization Hezbollah has gradually upped the intensity of its attacks on Israel over the past few days, once again targeting the IDF’s strategic aerial control base on Mount Meron on Tuesday.

The terror group claimed to have attacked the base with “guided missiles” in response to an alleged Israeli airstrike targeting a vehicle in Lebanon’s Beka’a Valley the day before. Lebanese media later reported that a senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood had survived the strike.

The IDF confirmed the attack on the Meron base, adding that “there were no casualties and there was no damage to the unit’s function.”

Another Hezbollah attack on Tuesday caused extensive damage to the Avivim Winery after the village was hit by three missiles. The impacts caused a large fire to break out.

“We were hit by two missiles and the whole winery is on fire,” Meir Biton, the owner, told Ynet News. “The fire brigade does not come here because of the army, my whole winery is on fire. This is the fourth time it has been hit by Hezbollah fire.”

The Israeli military responded by shelling the launch area with artillery. The attack was at least the sixth of the day, with Hezbollah launching two attacks on the Israeli communities of Shomra and Shlomi early in the morning.

The IDF stated on Tuesday that it had struck Hezbollah targets in several towns across southern Lebanon overnight. The relatively heavy exchanges on Tuesday followed an intense day of fighting on Sunday.

Data released by the Alma Research Center indicates that, on average, Hezbollah claimed responsibility for approximately seven incidents per day last week. Roughly 60% of the targets Hezbollah attacked were identified as civilian or potentially civilian. This suggests that even though Hezbollah might classify these targets as military, launching rockets at them carries a high likelihood of impacting nearby civilian communities.

A series of airstrikes also hit targets belonging to the Iranian regime in eastern Syria overnight, according to media reports on Tuesday.

Israeli forces struck areas near Deir al-Zour used by Division 4000, the special operations division of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) intelligence, led by Javad Afari, Army Radio reported.

The attack was carried out in response to attempts to smuggle advanced military equipment into Judea and Samaria to facilitate terror attacks, as revealed yesterday by the IDF and the Shin Bet security agency

While several Iranian advisors were killed during the attack, it is unclear whether Afari was among them.

The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights claimed that 13 IRGC operatives were eliminated in several strikes in the area.

Ten airstrikes were conducted in several other villages in the surrounding area, according to the Iranian Mehr News Agency. Several news outlets blamed the United States for the strikes, although a U.S. military official told Al Jazeera on Monday night that it did not carry out any airstrikes in Syria.

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