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Hezbollah fires over 60 rockets at Israel; IDF holds drills to prepare for approaching Lebanon War

Terror group claims 11 attacks on Sunday, including heavy rocket salvos

Smoke from rockets fired from Lebanon and from Israel Iron dome anti-missile system, near Mount Hermon, March 10, 2024. (Photo: Ayal Margolin/Flash90)

The Lebanese terror group Hezbollah fired over 60 rockets at northern Israel on Sunday while Israel Defense Forces announced it held a large logistics drill in preparation for a full-scale confrontation with the terror group, which seems to get ever closer.

Hezbollah claimed responsibility for at least 11 attacks on Sunday, including two barrages of over 30 rockets. The first rocket salvo of some 30 Grad rockets struck near an IDF air control base on Mount Meron, with footage on social media showing the impact of aournd 10 rockets in open areas near the base.

Shortly after the first attack, Hezbollah fired another barrage of around 7 rockets, with some being intercepted and others falling into open areas, the IDF stated.

The terror group claimed the attacks were a response to an IDF strike in Khirbet Salem on Saturday night, which killed five members of a family, including the father and two sons who were members of Hezbollah.

Several other small-scale attacks were launched throughout the day, including an anti-tank missile near the Malkia area that damaged an IDF vehicle, and a drone that crashed in the area of Mount Hermon.

In the evening, another barrage of around 30 rockets was launched toward the area of Mount Hermon in Israel's Golan Heights, several of which impacted the mountainside near the Druze town of Majdal Shams. Hezbollah claimed to have targeted military posts in the nearby Mount Dov area.

On the Israeli side, the IDF continued its policy of shelling areas from where attacks were launched with artillery. In addition, fighter jets and another aircraft struck an anti-tank missile squad during operations for an attack, at the direction of female IDF combat observers who had spotted them in the Sheba region.

Earlier in the morning, the IDF announced that fighter jets had struck terror infrastructure in Ayta al-Sha’ab and an anti-tank launch position in the Marun al-Ras region overnight, in addition to the aforementioned military structure in the Khirbat Salem region that housed terrorists.

Hezbollah announced that since last Thursday, it has launched over 20 attacks against Israel, using Grad, Burkan, and Falaq-1 rockets, anti-tank missiles and attack drones.

While diplomatic efforts to resolve the tense situation continue, the Israeli army is preparing for a likely increasing escalation. On Friday, Maj.-Gen. Uri Gordin, the head of IDF’s Northern Command, met with security coordinators in the Western Galilee communities.

Gordin noted that the IDF is “constantly strengthening its readiness to launch an attack in Lebanon.

Among other efforts, last week, the IDF conducted drills to test "its readiness to provide logistical support under fire for its troops fighting in a potential war against Hezbollah."

In a joint exercise, the Technology and Logistics Division, the Northern Command, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) and other units practiced transferring equipment, water, fuel, and ammunition to the maneuvering forces fighting in the northern sector.

The exercise included loading and unloading equipment from IAF aircraft and transporting equipment using vehicles.

“The IDF is prepared to carry out identical operations in the northern sector with high intensity and under fire, if required,” the army stated.

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