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Hezbollah fires 30 rockets, multiple drones; IDF eliminates several terrorists in Lebanon

Fires caused by Hezbollah destroy 10,000 dunam, including nature reserves

View of a large fire caused from rockets fired from Lebanon, near the northern Israeli town of Kiryat Shmona, June 3, 2024. (Photo: Ayal Margolin/Flash90)

The Israeli military and the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah exchanged heavy blows on Monday, following Sunday's intense day of battle on Israel’s northern border.

Hezbollah launched a barrage of around 30 rockets at the northern Golan Heights, most of which fell in open areas, the IDF said.

Drone attacks were registered in Keren Naftali, where one drone was intercepted and another exploded in an open area, as well as in Metula, and the southern Golan Heights, in addition to several more attempted attacks that were intercepted.

No casualties or serious damage were reported as a result of the attacks.

The IDF carried out numerous airstrikes on southern Lebanon throughout the day, killing at least two Hezbollah terrorists. Lebanese sources said the IDF struck the area of Mount Maidoun, some 20 km (12 miles) north of the border, as well as at least the area of Rihan.

In addition, the IDF took responsibility for eliminating two Hezbollah terrorists in airstrikes and published footage of the operations.

The first terrorist eliminated was Ali Hossein Sabara, responsible for building the military power of Hezbollah’s air defense array. He was killed in a precise strike in the area of the city of Tyre.

Hezbollah said it retaliated by launching drones at the IDF Galilee Divisional Headquarters.

“As part of his position, Hossein Sabara was involved in improving and equipping the Hezbollah air defense system,” the IDF stated, adding it had also targeted several buildings used by Hezbollah's air defense system in the village of al-Katrini.

“Sabara was eliminated as part of the effort to eliminate professional knowledge centers that build and develop Hezbollah’s military power in southern Lebanon,” the Alma Research Center wrote on Monday.

“It should be noted that on June 1, an Israeli Hermes 900 UAV was intercepted by Hezbollah’s air defense system.”

Another targeted elimination was carried out on a terrorist traveling on a motorcycle near a-Naqoura.

On Sunday evening, a drone penetrated the IDF’s air defenses and exploded near a building site in the town of Nahariya, causing a small fire.

Hezbollah took responsibility for 10 separate attacks using rockets and anti-tank missiles against Israel, in addition to two drone strikes it did not claim to be responsible for.

Rocket barrages fired at the Golan Heights caused large brushfires near the town of Katzrin and destroyed over 10,000 dunams (2,400 acres), including parts of two nature reserves, according to the Israel Nature and Parks Authority (INPA).

Fifteen fire trucks and crews, along with six firefighting planes, worked for hours to gain control of the fire, parts of which continued to simmer on Monday.

“A fire of 10,000 dunams is a big fire,” said Sharon Levi, director of the INPA’s Golan District. While “nature has the ability to restore,” he said, “the bigger the fire, the slower the restoration.”

According to INPA a series of rocket and drone attacks on Sunday caused bushfires that consumed 10,000 dunams (over 2,470 acres) of foliage in open areas, including nature reserves.

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